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The best Regions and cities for a Wedding in Italy

How do you find the perfect destination for your wedding in Italy? Close your eyes, point your finger on the map and… here’s your destination, done! Jokes aside, most places in Italy offer beautiful venues and fantastic scenery, paired with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures (at least in Summertime). At the same time, Italy’s variety is phenomenal, each of its individual regions boasts its own culture, landscape, attractions, cuisine, dialect… in one word, identity. This is what makes our country such an interesting destination, because in a relatively small territory, from North to South, from East to West, there is something for each taste, also when it comes to finding your dream wedding venue.

Deciding where to tie the knot in Italy could be a headache, as there are so many options! It surely helps knowing a bit more about every region and most popular cities and find out all the ins and outs of the destination to ensure it is the perfect fit for your dream wedding.

As you read more on each destination below, remember that ultimately it is your vibe and personality that mostly determine the choice.

Wedding in Positano  

Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento


Do these iconic places require a presentation? The Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, a paradise of small towns suspended between a cobalt blue sea and the mountains, stretching on terraced cliffs, winding roads, citrus groves, bougainvillea in bloom and pastel color little houses. 

Capri, the most exclusive island in Italy combining sheer natural beauty and first-class hospitality.


The “Costiera”, how we call it in Italy, and Capri are all about the views, undoubtedly, among the best of all the Mediterranean regions.

Here you can find a wide selection of fabulous wedding venues, from panoramic terraces overlooking the sea to lush gardens, Saracen's towers, historical villas with Moorish and Arabian temples, unique panoramic hotels. All overlooking the most spectacular coastline you can imagine!


If you are wondering why you should choose the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento or Capri as the setting of your dream wedding in Italy, just know that the spectacular WOW factor is not the only reason. 

The region offers some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the South of Italy, where the art of hospitality is worshiped by welcoming and smiling people and the culinary tradition is carried on by brilliant chefs creating amazing dishes with the best ingredients of the area, such as tomatoes, basil, lemons, buffalo mozzarella, the morning’s catch. The food and wines of the area are truly excellent, and your Exclusive Italy Weddings wedding planners will help you create the most perfect courses and pairings for your wedding menu.

Sorrento, destination for weddings in Italy  
Traditional Italian bruschetta  
Fresh made mozzarella  
Boat tour on the Amalfi Coast  

Also, being the Amalfi Coast and Capri some of the most sought-after destinations, they offer much to do to visitors. You and your guests can indulge yourselves in many different activities, from boat excursions to limoncello tastings, pasta-making classes, a tour of Pompei or hiking along the Path of the Gods trail.

Along the narrow streets of the beautiful towns, pedestrians are easily outnumbered by speeding Vespas, lively voices from balconies call out friends or sing typical songs, the wonderful smell of freshly squeezed lemons mixes with tomato sauce boiling on the stove… We are sure that you will fall in love with all this charm and you will probably want your wedding experience to be filled with this unique spirit.


Several towns in the area have become popular wedding destinations, and each of them has its own unique atmosphere. Set high in the hills above the coast lies Ravello, a small town gazing out over what must be one of the most magnificent panoramas in Italy and perhaps the world. No wonder that this small and secluded town established itself as one of the most high-end destinations for a luxury wedding in Italy. Ravello is undoubtedly the gem of the Amalfi Coast, everywhere you turn you admire a spectacular vista! Home to some of the most exclusive hotels and villas of the area, Ravello features beautifully manicured gardens, romantic paths along the cliffs and beautiful churches… This idyllic town is heaven for any wedding photographer!


If Ravello is a pearl out of the main tourist routes, Positano is a timeless diamond ring that continues to amaze visitors every day with its iconic views. Gorgeous pastel villas clinging to the mountainside and a splendid Church overlooking the bay make Positano very recognizable and one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Positano is definitely a must-see and its luxury hotels, cosmopolitan restaurants, fabulous bars and exclusive boutiques ensure a very enjoyable stay. This picturesque yet very chic town remains a favorite of many couples who want to tie the know in one of Italy’s most beautiful and vibrant destinations.


The town of Amalfi is absolutely unique: a fishing village with grandiose history, which today is a very lively hub for any activity and trip that you can do in the area. The town offers many refined and traditional venues for a romantic wedding, be it a Catholic ceremony in the magnificent Amalfi Cathedral, a civil ceremony in a historical palace or a symbolic ceremony in a panoramic terrace or an Arabic-Norman style cloister. Couples who choose to get married in Amalfi are fascinated by the authentic charm of this seaside town, where remarkable architecture meets sheer natural beauty.


Capri Island has two important towns, Capri town and Anacapri. Thanks to its famous jet-set Piazzetta and first-class hotels and boutiques, Capri is more lively. Anacapri is more secluded, has a more relaxed feel, it’s the ideal starting point for walks to the splendid villas Damecuta and San Michele.


Last but not least, Sorrento stands high on top of a cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples, from there you can see Mount Vesuvius! This vibrant city has some of the most beautiful civil ceremony venues in Italy, including an authentic Cloister for an “al fresco” wedding ceremony. Couples choose to get married in Sorrento for the spectacular scenery, the unique Mediterranean flavor (and lemon scent!) and easy access to exciting excursions to the neighboring towns.


The Amalfi Coast is easily accessible with a private transfer service from Naples international airport, only 1 hour away from most of the Amalfi Coast destinations. The best way to reach Capri is by ferry from Naples airport, it takes about 1,5 hours.


The ideal time for an Amalfi Coast or Capri wedding is during the warmer spring, summer and early autumn months, when you and your guests can take full advantage of the crystal Mediterranean waters and of the beautiful beach clubs.


Who is this the perfect wedding destination for:

The Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento are the ideal destination for a couple who wants to experience the warm hospitality of the South of Italy in one of the most scenic settings on earth.


Things you should know:

steps, steps, steps… most exclusive venues and beautiful sights can only be reached by foot. This destination is not recommended if there are disabled or elderly persons among your guests.

Panorama of Ostuni in Puglia  



Friendly, fun, beyond beautiful, always sunny: this is Puglia, a region that has become one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. The “heel” of Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, perhaps in the world, with golden sand, steep cliffs and turquoise-blue waters. With over 800 km of coastline stretching on both sides of the heel (the longest in any region of Italy), every location you choose in Puglia will surprise you with its stunning natural beauty and great diversity. One of the most popular destinations is Polignano a Mare, with its iconic beach set on the foot of San Vito Abbey, a stunning piece of Baroque architecture that is now home to a romantic restaurant overlooking the sea.


The sea is not the only star in Puglia, or Apulia, as it was once called. From the white-washed streets of Ostuni, the numerous dramatic caves, the Baroque piazzas of Lecce, every corner of this region is amazingly beautiful, including the inland towns. There are so many unique places to visit, with their rich history and spiritual tradition. A definite must-see is Alberobello, famous for its trulli houses, typical Apulian dry stone shelters with a conical roof.


Do you love the idea of giving your friends and family the opportunity to take an unforgettable holiday? Then choose Puglia for your destination wedding in Italy! Here you can find enchanting wedding venues, especially among Masserias. These are traditional farmhouses immersed in the peaceful countryside, characterized by a unique design and surrounded by olive groves, fruit trees and wheat fields. The most beautiful Masserias have been restored to perfection and have become high-end 5-star hotels with amazing spas and pools, but they still keep their authentic and unique beauty. The romantic feel of these properties makes them wonderful wedding venues, equipped with stunning spaces and unique boho-inspired details. Masserias are the perfect wedding location also because they guarantee total privacy and the chance to dance the night away without music curfews, thanks to their usually isolated location.


Find out more about our favorite Masserias on our dedicated page.

Fresh produce for Puglia cuisine  
Masseria in Puglia  
Mediterranean sea in Puglia  
Trulli traditional houses of Puglia  

Puglia is the perfect destination for enjoying with friends, and what do you think Italians enjoy most in company? Food of course! Puglia is famous for many mouth-watering specialties, all coming from a very simple but genuine cuisine. Homemade pasta with durum wheat (Orecchiette above all), bread from Altamura, taralli (crunchy rings of baked dough), friselle (similar to a bagel but very crunchy), calzone and focaccia, burrata cheese… the list is long and the appetite huge!

Apulian wedding aperitifs are a dream for food lovers, with rich buffets and stations of fresh seafood, local specialties, vegetables, bread and focaccia, traditionally presented in cute typical stands and kiosks that will make the food presentation a feast also for the eyes.


Many think that Apulia is too far and remote, but actually the international airports of Bari and Brindisi make it an easily accessible destination for couples and guests from all over the world.

Given its warm and sunny climate, Puglia is a great destination all year round, but especially in Spring (May/June) and Autumn (Sept/Oct), you will find it peaceful but still lively and mostly sunny and warm.


Who is this the perfect wedding destination for:

a couple who wants to be immersed in the untouched countryside with the seaside at just a few miles for the best beach days of their lives.


Things you should know:

the months of July and especially August are definitely too crowded with tourists from all over Europe.

Panorama of Tuscany  

Tuscany and Florence


Close your eyes and think about a typical Tuscan landscape: gently rolling hills, expansive fields of sunflowers, cypress tree-lined country lanes and vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. But this is not all: imagine a beautiful diverse coastline, home to one of the most beautiful and wild natural parks in Italy, cities and towns that made (and continue to make) history, with their magnificent architecture, piazzas, markets and museums full of some of the world’s finest masterpieces. No wonder that the most central of the Italian regions is one of the most popular destinations for the discerning traveler and for couples who want to tie the knot in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.


The most remarkable reason to fall in love with Tuscany lies in its idyllic countryside. It is absolutely romantic and breathtaking, one of the most loved settings for an Italian wedding. The most beautiful Tuscan locations offer amazing views of the surrounding countryside with its gentle hills cultivated for centuries by generations of farmers. The most incredible views and properties can be found in the world-famous Chianti area between Florence and Siena and in the amazing rolling landscapes of the Val d’Orcia, a region south of Siena that has been declared a UNESCO heritage site.


Here visitors can fully experience the best of country life, especially enjoying simple but flavorful dishes from the tradition of peasant cooking, a wide variety of meat and sauces, cured meats and the mouthwatering pecorino cheese. The absolute stars of the Tuscan produce are extra virgin olive oil and wine; even nondrinkers know that Tuscany is home to some of Italy’s most popular wines like the reds of Chianti, the Brunello from Montalcino and the critically acclaimed Supertuscans (does Sassicaia ring a bell?).


The countryside is dotted with gorgeous hilltop Medieval towns and villages, some of them are absolutely a must-see for travelers seeking authentic beauty, history and a glimpse of old rural Italy. One of the most popular tiny villages in Tuscany is San Gimignano, also known as the "Manhattan of the Middle Ages" for its iconic skyline featuring fourteen ancient towers. Less touristy but equally beautiful is Volterra, which boasts a gorgeous main square with the oldest town hall in Tuscany, Palazzo dei Priori, an ideal setting for a civil wedding.

Perched in a magnificent position on top of a verdant hill lies Cortona, with its narrow twisting streets and beautiful churches.

The beautiful Val d’Orcia also has its jewels, with Pienza overlooking the valley from its scenic position, boasting some of Italy’s finest architecture, and Montalcino, which is renowned for its wonderful Brunello wine and top-notch tasting experiences.

Wedding in Florence  
Aerial view of Florence  
Wedding in the Tuscan countryside  

Tuscany is also a destination for art lovers, with Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, on top of the list. Where else in the world can you walk right across a city in just half an hour and find so many valuable artistic treasures such as Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Accademia Gallery, Boboli Gardens, Santa Maria Novella Basilica, to name a few?

Rich in history and culture, Florence impresses visitors from all over the world and offers so much to do! Among the best sights are the Uffizi Gallery, featuring unique Renaissance masterpieces (don’t miss La Primavera by Botticelli), Piazza della Signoria just in front of Palazzo Vecchio and Loggia de’ Lanzi, which is an amazing outdoor sculpture gallery. Ponte Vecchio is another landmark and certainly the most photographed bridge in the whole of Italy. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore dominates the skyline with its iconic dome designed by Brunelleschi, offering a spectacular vista from most of the beautiful wedding venues located on the hills surrounding Florence.


The city of Florence is also a paradise for foodies and wine lovers, with its numerous Michelin star restaurants, amazing wine bars and exclusive restaurants. Most of these amazing places combine great food with fabulous locations, especially terrace bars and restaurants with great city views, perfect to host memorable welcome parties and rehearsal dinners.

Last but not least, shopping in Florence is such a joyous activity, you can get lost in the many unique shops, markets full of beautiful artisanal products (especially leather accessories), and high-end boutiques of the finest Italian brands (Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada to name a few).

This is why many couples choose Florence to plan their luxury wedding in our marvelous country.


Discover our selection of the finest wedding venues in and around Florence.


Another fascinating city in Tuscany is Siena, the most picturesque medieval city in Italy. This unique city is a maze of narrow, pedestrian cobbled streets around the impressive Piazza del Campo, with its distinct shell shape and the Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia standing out. The Palio, the world’s oldest and most famous horse race and major festival, is still happening here every Summer, carrying on a centuries-old tradition and keeping the identity of the inhabitants of Siena stronger than ever.

Incredible settings are available for a civil or religious wedding ceremony in the center of Siena as well as exclusive and enchanting castles and borgos a few miles away from the city for fabulous and luxurious wedding receptions.


Discover our selection of the most beautiful wedding venues in and around Siena.


Tuscany’s position is strategic and makes it an easy destination to reach from most parts of the world, with Florence international airport just 15 minutes away from the city center.

Weddings in Tuscany are a year-round affair, but couples wanting to organize an alfresco wedding dinner should choose the warmer season, from the end of May to early October.


Who is this the perfect wedding destination for:

a couple who wants to have it all, beauty, history, relaxation, fun, divine food and wine!


Things you should know:

even around the more tucked away wedding venues in the Tuscan countryside there are accommodation options at very reasonable prices to lodge your guests. However, they may not suit the standards of your more high-maintenance guests.

Panorama of Lake Como  

Lake Como


Situated at the foothill of the Alps, just one hour away from the fashion capital Milan, legendary Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in Italy. Magnificent verdant peaks reflect in the deep blue waters of the lake, the vegetation is abundant and lush, the air is fresh and the sky is blue yet scattered with dramatic clouds for the most part of the year, thanks to the region’s mild climate.

In summer, beautiful blooms enhance the beauty of the scenery with azaleas, wisteria, rhododendrons, camellias and bougainvillea painting the shores in soft pastels.


It is not surprising that Lake Como has been one of the most popular retreats for aristocrats since Roman times. The views are stunning and they have kept attracting famous musicians, directors, statesmen, and actors seeking to escape the pressures of daily life and to relax surrounded by beauty. It’s well known, for example, that George Clooney owns a wonderful villa on the lake and invites famous Hollywood actors to come and stay with him and sail around the lake. Today, Lake Como is the epitome of luxury and sophisticated beauty. In fact, among the many old-school (yet very fascinating) hotels of the ’50s, '60s and ’70s, the lake is home to many luxurious 5-star hotels.


High-end hotels are definitely not the only attraction on the lake. “Lago di Como” is surrounded by steep hills where the villages are built up against the hills. Think colorful buildings, cobbled streets, gothic architecture, beautiful churches, striking landmarks and tree-lined promenades dotted with gorgeous cafes and restaurants.

Bellagio is Lake Como’s internationally most famous destination. This elegant town enjoys a prime location right at the meeting point of the lake’s three branches, thus boasting splendid views towards the Alps as well as down the Como branch and the Lecco branch of the lake.


Originally a medieval fishing village, nowadays Varenna is a beautiful lakeside town with colorful houses, sparkling like gems against the rich forest greens and the dark blue waters of the lake. Its quiet atmosphere is perfect to fully enjoy beautiful sights such as the Vezio Castle and Villa Monastero with its romantic gardens.

Tremezzo is another gem, famous for beautiful Villa Carlotta, with its immense gardens boasting hundreds of unique flowers and plant spices. The town’s other pride is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, with its rooftop panoramic suites and the floating heated pool which make it the best luxury hotel in Lake Como.

Cernobbio is the closest town to Como and is home to some of the most fabulous properties in Lake Como, including the majestic Villa d’EsteVilla Erba and our favorite private villa for luxury wedding events, Villa Pizzo.

Wedding ceremony in a Lake Como Villa  
Interior of Villa d'Este on Lake Como  
Bridal couple on Lake Como  
Villa il Balbiano on Lake Como  

A wedding on Lake Como offers a unique combination of elegant and glamorous venues, top wedding suppliers, and spectacular scenery for an amazing Italian wedding. Your guests will feel like celebrities and will be amazed by the natural beauty of the lake and by a relaxing and luxurious stay in a top-class hotel.

Although their favorite activity will probably involve drinking phenomenal aperitifs and enjoying a great cup of coffee in the quiet contemplation of dreamy panoramas, they will also find plenty of things to do, including boat excursions, water sports (canoeing, kayaking), or hiking on the surrounding mountains.


Lake Como is a seasonal destination, most hotels, restaurants and shops are closed during the winter months. The best time to organize a wedding celebration in one of the exclusive venues that Lake Como offers is Summer, ideally from June to September.


Who is this the perfect wedding destination for:

a couple who wants a refined and elegant atmosphere for their destination wedding in one of the most luxurious places on earth.


Things you should know:

Lake Como is one of the most exclusive and expensive destinations in Italy. If you are on a budget, we are happy to recommend other options.

Portofino on the Italian Riviera  

Portofino and the Riviera


What we call the Riviera in Italy is a narrow strip of land, enclosed between the sea and the Alps and the Apennines mountains, where the natural beauty of the region is condensed in dreamy marine landscapes and verdant hills sweeping down to the coastline.

The area is mostly known by international travelers for the picturesque coastal villages of Cinque Terre and the luxury holiday resort for the rich and the famous, Portofino.

Le Cinque Terre is a group of five picture-perfect coastal villages surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and rich vegetation. The suggestive fishing villages of Monterosso, Manarola, Vernazza (probably the most popular), Riomaggiore and Corniglia are authentic natural masterpieces. With their pastel color little houses nestled against the steep cliffs, these villages provide an incredibly romantic setting for very intimate weddings and elopements.

Another beautiful option for couples seeking intimacy and unparalleled natural beauty is Portovenere, a tiny old village situated on a small peninsula facing the Gulf of Poets and three small and very scenic islands.


The best places to tie the knot in style can be found in and around Portofino and the neighboring town of Santa Margherita Ligure, towns full of aristocratic charm. These are definitely the highlights of the area and some of the most sought-after destinations for a fabulous destination wedding in Italy. Here you can find gorgeous beaches, colorfully painted towns, beautiful marinas scattered with luxury yachts, divine food and wine, excellent hotels and some of the most elegant villas and noble palaces in Italy. In this area of Italy, it’s all about the glam.

Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure are unique places to live the authentic “dolce vita”, chilling in the beautiful little squares (especially the legendary “piazzetta” in Portofino), dining in elegant restaurants and shopping in exclusive boutiques. The beautiful sea is best discovered by boat, with stops in the most beautiful marinas and beach clubs of the area.

Some of Italy’s finest hotels can be found in Santa Margherita and Portofino, including the classy and absolutely charming Imperiale Palace Hotel and the spectacular Belmond Splendido.

Italian Riviera  
Santa Margherita Ligure  
A cafe on the Italian Riviera  
Boat tour on the Italian Riviera  

While Portofino is a tiny village perfect for a top-notch luxury experience, Santa Margherita has some sights that travelers should not miss, that should also be considered to host an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception. The beautiful Villa Durazzo is one of them, dominating the hill above Santa Margherita Ligure. This beautiful 17th-century villa features impressive halls with elegant stuccos, marbles, tapestry and works of art, while the gardens are a feast of marble statues, exotic plants and flowers and breathtaking views of the sea. Another gem is the neighboring baroque church of San Giacomo, definitely one of the most charming churches where to plan a Catholic wedding ceremony in the Italian Riviera.


The highlight among the many beautiful wedding venues available in the region is undoubtedly La Cervara, an impressive historical abbey overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio and partially the Portofino bay. It’s a glorious property suspended between land and sea, where elegant architecture meets manicured gardens full of rare botanical plants and flowery avenues.


The Riviera will conquer all your senses, including taste. The region is a leader in wine-making, its white Pigato and Vermentino wines are famous all over the world. Ligurian olive oil, with its delicate, fruity flavor, is also a star of the region’s produce, and is a fundamental ingredient of the most renowned local recipe: delicious fresh pesto.


The climate is mild all year round, but the best time of the year for a luxury wedding in the Italian Riviera goes from May through October. Located between France and Tuscany, the region is easily accessible from the international airport of Genoa in just a one-hour drive, while Milan is about 2,5 hours away.


Who is this the perfect wedding destination for:

a couple who is looking for an elegant, refined feel for their luxury wedding in Italy and like to enjoy the glamorous life by the sea.


Things you should know:

the Riviera’s destinations are quite small and have few hotel facilities. It is necessary to make bookings well in advance.

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome  



Our glorious capital is probably the most visited destination in Italy, but we can assure you: it is not overrated. Rome is a city embedded with centuries of history and has an incredible variety of iconic landmarks and treasures for you to discover, from archeological sites such as the Colosseum and Roman forum to incredible museums such as the Vatican or Borghese Gallery. The city has been built up and built over for 3 millennia, history can truly be found in every corner.


The many attractions that Rome offers are all bucket-list material and include Villa Borghese and its beautiful gardens, the iconic Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Vatican Museums, and certainly St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Try to imagine these impressive landmarks as the backdrop to your wedding photos!


The Eternal city offers a great number of possibilities in terms of splendid ceremony and reception venues. Needless to say, Rome has the finest cathedrals and churches for a Roman Catholic ceremony, but also Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues and Greek Orthodox basilicas. A Rome civil ceremony can be celebrated in two beautiful venues, in the elegant and majestic Campidoglio Wedding hall in Rome city center or in the suggestive Caracalla ex-convent. Nothing can surpass the beauty of Rome’s skyline laying down at your feet from one of the exclusive villas located on the hills surrounding the city center, such as beautiful Villa Miani and the baroque gem Villa Aurelia.

Piazza Navona in Rome  

Couples choosing the eternal city for their destination wedding in Italy not only are they blessed with an incredible picture-perfect setting, but they also offer their guests a tremendous opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A city where there is so much to do, not only sightseeing! Architecture, art, monuments, fountains, famous squares, over 900 splendid churches are paired with amazing shops, great hotels and an amazing food scene.

The Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna rhyme with high-end shopping due to the great concentration of luxury stores nearby. Italy’s most famous shopping street, via Condotti, is directly opposite of the Spanish Steps in Piazza di Spagna.

Indulging in Rome’s food culture is also something your guests will love. Some of the most famous “primi” (first courses) are typically Roman, such as Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, Rigatoni Carbonara, Bucatini Amatriciana; must-haves are also Roman Supplì, Saltimbocca alla Romana, and the sweet yeasted Roman buns with cream and the Gelato.

Let’s not forget that Rome is a convenient location for a Destination wedding since it is connected to the rest of the world by an international airport located only 30 minutes from the center (Fiumicino) and is also very well connected to Florence, Amalfi Coast, and Milan, just to name a few other destinations where you or your guests may continue the trip.

Rome is a year-round wedding destination, thanks to its mild climate and everlasting charm.

Read more on our page Destinations weddings in the city of Rome and start dreaming!


Who is this the perfect wedding destination for:

a couple who wants to tie the knot experiencing the true essence of our country and its historical, cultural, artistic and religious wonders.


Things you should know:

Rome is a very busy capital city, you must love metropolitan contexts. Advance bookings are needed for any activity you may want to organize. Don’t go solo, rely on your wedding planner!

Wedding in Venice  



One of a kind, just like your love for each other. This is Venice, the magical city floating on water, where there is no trace of roads nor cars and visitors find themselves swept away in a romantic, charming past. The city’s noble past recalls a time when one’s only concern was for literature, music and beautiful art, which you can admire everywhere you turn when you walk through the narrow streets (calli) of Venice.


Arabian-Byzantine style palaces float on water, tiny squares (called campi) treasure charming quaint churches, small bridges are suspended over countless canals dotted with gondolas.

The atmosphere is surreal, timeless. No wonder that the romantic city of Venice is one of the top destinations for those dreaming to have a fairytale wedding in Italy. It is every romantic soul’s dream to enjoy a gondola ride at sunset, watching the sun soaking into the beautiful Venetian lagoon. The iconic views of the magnificent Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco and its Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Isle of San Giorgio and the Sospiri Bridge will be the backdrop of your fabulous wedding portraits and you will rejoice these memories forever.


Civil wedding ceremonies in Venice are celebrated in Palazzo Cavalli, a 16th-century Palace facing the Grand Canal and Rialto’s bridge, and the bride can have her unforgettable arrival by gondola.

For a beautiful Catholic ceremony in Venice, we have selected the finest churches, including St. Mark’s Basilica and the spectacular Church of the Redentore located in the Giudecca island, a few steps away from one of the city’s best luxury hotels, Belmond Hotel Cipriani.

Couples choosing to have a symbolic wedding in Venice have the opportunity to select their favorite venue among different enchanting locations, including antique palazzos and some of the best luxury hotels in the world, such as the Aman, directly facing the Grand Canal.

Wedding receptions in Venice are all about the grandeur: frescoed ceilings, Murano glass chandeliers, stucco ornaments, impressive mirrors, luxurious tapestry ornate the ballrooms of the most prestigious venues and you and your guests will experience the opulence of the antique Venetian times.

St. Mark's Square in Venice  
Panorama of the Grand Canal in Venice  
St. Mark's Square in Venice  
Historical boats in Venice  

Millions of visitors arrive every year to visit the city, in every season, and especially during the Biennale or the Film Festival or the famous Venetian Carnival.

Not only are they welcomed by some of the most beautiful city sights in the world, they also find in Venice a very interesting food and drink scene. Venice is literally built on the water, so not only is seafood widely available, but it’s also of the highest quality. Some of the specialties are Baccalà Mantecato, a dish made of stockfish, Sarde in saor, a very flavorful antipasto with sardines, onions and balsamic vinegar, and Spaghetti alla busera, with scampi and red sauce.

Also Cicchetti are typical Venetian, small plates or finger foods accompanied by a glass of wine (called ombra, literally “shadow”) or Spritz. Many are not aware however that the origins of this light aperitivo drink actually comes from this region. Another world-famous aperitivo drink that finds its birthplace in Venice is the Bellini cocktail. Ordering a Bellini at one of the magnificent hotel terrace bars in town is a must!


Make sure you also stop by the island of Burano, easily accessible with a water taxi ride or by vaporetto, Venice’s floating public transport. This beautiful and very colorful island is absolutely photogenic and unique!

If your desire is to get married in Venice, with Exclusive Italy Weddings all your dreams will come true: we are based in the North-East of Italy, not far from Venice, and are very knowledgeable of the logistics of this incredible city.


Who is this the perfect wedding destination for:

a couple who wants to soak in a romantic and timeless atmosphere.


Things you should know:

Venice’s logistics are surely fascinating for you and your guests, but also complicated in terms of event production. Prices could be higher than in other parts of Italy, as they must include water porter service.

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