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Catholic Weddings in Rome

Catholic wedding in Rome  

If you are dreaming a Catholic wedding in Italy choose one of the amazing Catholic Churches in Rome, the Italian Capital City who gave birth to Catholicism. Couples planning a catholic wedding in Rome have the possibility to have a Roman catholic rite with full mass in one of the most important churches of Italy. Religious Roman Catholic wedding ceremonies in Rome are legally recognized in any country.

Churches in Rome for a catholic wedding ceremony

Getting married in Santa Maria in Trastevere in Rome

The church of Santa Maria in Trastevere is considered to be the most ancient church of Rome and the first dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is located on a small square in one of the city’s most historic district of Rome: Trastevere, a neighborhood on the west bank of the Tiber, just south of the Vatican.


Tradition has it that the church was established by Pope Calixtus in the early 3rd century AD and subsequently rebuilt by Julius I in 337. The impressive interior features 21 irregular ancient Roman columns some of which came from the Terme di Caracalla. The wooden ceiling was designed by Domenichino, who painted the central panel depicting the Assumption of the Virgin. The mosaics in the apse and on the triumphal arch date from 1140 and are absolutely stunning.


Catholic wedding ceremonies in Santa Maria in Trastevere Church are allowed during the morning, except for Sundays.

Santa Maria in Trastevere, Catholic church for weddings in Rome  

Ara Coeli

Catholic weddings in Rome can be celebrated in the impressive church of Ara Coeli, located in the highest point of the Capitoline Hill near the Campidoglio, Colosseum and Roman Forum. A dramatic 14th century staircase leads to this impressive church where your Roman catholic wedding ceremony can be celebrated.  


Dating from the 7th century, this church has been rebuilt over the years, the latest redesign came in the 13th century, when Franciscans began but never completed the Romanesque façade. The first chapel holds a fresco by the 15th century great Pinturicchio, known for his attention to detail. Built on the site where the legend says the Tiburtine Sybil told Caesar Augustus of the coming birth of Christ, this church has a strong association with the Nativity and is very lively at Christmas time.


Your catholic wedding ceremony can be celebrated in the beautiful Church of Ara Coeli by an English speaking priest and is suitable to large wedding ceremonies, though small weddings are allowed as well.

Ara Coeli church for Catholic weddings in Rome  

Santa Francesca Romana

For couples desiring to have a catholic wedding close to the Roman Forum, we recommend a Roman catholic ceremony celebrated in the intimate historical church of Santa Francesca Romana.


Built in the 9th century over an earlier oratory, the church incorporates part of the Tempio di Venere e Roma (Temple of Venus and Rome). It has a beautiful Romanesque bell tower. There is a 12th century mosaic of the Virgin with Child and Saints in the apse, as well as a 7th century painting of the Madonna and child above the high altar. Two flagstones in the south wall of the church are said to hold the knee prints of St Peter. The interior is really decorative with wonderful ceiling, brilliant mosaics and beautiful frescoes.

Church of Santa Francesca Romana in Rome  

Church of Saint Anne

Your Catholic wedding ceremony can be celebrated in the Roman Catholic parish church of Sant'Anna in Vatican City. This church is the parish church of the State of Vatican City and is one of the first in Rome with an elliptical plan and eight side chapels.


A really elegant Church that we recommend for couples wishing to get married inside the Vatican. Your Roman Catholic wedding will be celebrated by an English speaking priest in the central nave by the elegant central altar of the Church.


Catholic wedding ceremonies are allowed every day of the week except for Sundays. Being this Church located on Vatican grounds the procedures for a legally binding Catholic wedding are easier than any other catholic church in Rome.


Other historical churches are available in the heart of Rome where to organize a catholic ceremony.

Interior of St. Anne Vatican church  

About Catholic weddings in Rome

A specific list of catholic documents must be collected in order to obtain permission to get married in Rome or in the Vatican city with a Roman Catholic rite.


The expert Wedding planners of Exclusive Italy Weddings will assist you step by step to make this process less stressful and will check your documents to make sure everything is in order before you send the originals.


English-speaking priests are available to celebrate a Catholic blessing or a Catholic wedding ceremony in Rome. Bare shoulders are not allowed for bride and guests inside Catholic Churches in Italy. Sacred music allowed only.


Catholic ceremonies with legal validity can be arranged in Rome. A Roman Catholic Wedding ceremony in a Catholic church in Rome is recommended all year round.

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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
Italy Office  +39 0432 913513
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