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Civil Wedding in Riomaggiore

Weddings in Riomaggiore in the Cinqueterre  

The enchanting village of Riomaggiore dates back to the thirteenth century and is a village that like many others in this region stretches along a vertical axe on a romantic little bay, with typical stone houses with colored façades connected to courts and small gardens. People that stroll along the small alleys and the steep staircases of the small town can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

Riomaggiore is part of the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre, one of the best preserved parks in Italy, and it is the last town of this park you come across if you arrive from Genoa. The park stretches from the land to the sea and thanks to its steepness – you will be able to admire from land dolphins and whales playing in the protected marine area. The view of the sea from the houses or the typical tower houses is amazing even on a hazy day!

Venue description

Civil ceremonies are performed Monday to Saturday on the terrace of the town hall that comfortably holds 30 guests with very nice panoramic views. The town hall can be easily reached on foot and is an ideal setting for those who wish to have an intimate ceremony with closer family and friends. Back up inside hall available in case of bad weather conditions.

About civil weddings in Riomaggiore

There is no need to visit the Town Hall before the wedding since the sworn declaration is done at the time of the wedding and originals can be provided to the authorities on your wedding day. Vows and short poems are allowed at the end of the ceremony. The terrace is also available for a quick toast with your guests, but not for a formal cocktail with food.


We recommend weddings in Riomaggiore during spring and summer.

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