Weddings in Rome

Weddings in Rome

If you have never been to Rome you have missed the most fabulous art works in the world. Italy boasts really beautiful historical cities like Florence where you can find the real art and Venice, which was built on the water, but in Rome, the Eternal City, paintings, sculptures, fountains, monuments and mosaics can be found in nearly every corner of this huge city; Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini.. are just some of the artists that contributed to the beauty of Rome, an outdoor gallery of masterpieces.

Can you imagine a better place in the world where to get married, where to organize the most important day of your life? The city’s history and atmosphere are unique and a wedding day is always a success in Rome.

Romantic photo session in Rome

Our couples select one of the three wedding halls for their civil ceremonies:  Campidoglio, Caracalla or Villa Lais according to their wishes. Campidoglio Wedding Hall is centrally located, overlooks the Roman Forum and its square was designed by Michelangelo and is one of the most elegant and beautiful squares in Rome. What a beautiful spot for a wedding ceremony!

Campidoglio Wedding Hall is ideal for those who are looking for a formal and sophisticated ceremony that begins with an amazing walk on a red carpet. Wedding ceremonies can take place only on Saturdays and Sundays and often these days are quite crowded.

Spanish steps…

Caracalla Wedding Hall is a less formal option for a civil ceremony, the atmosphere is more relaxed being the wedding celebrated in a simple and rustic building located in a beautiful archaeological park near the Baths of Caracalla, just out of the historical centre of the city.

This Wedding Hall is suitable to those who are looking for an intimate and romantic ceremony followed by a photo service in a natural and beautiful park. Ceremonies can be organized every day except from Tuesdays.

At the Pantheon

The third option is a Villa called Villa Lais. The Wedding Hall is quite an interesting option, being the ceremony held in a lovely small 19th century chapel, which is part of the main Villa and is beautifully decorated with frescoes and antique furniture. A small park surrounds the Villa and the atmosphere is enchanting. This wedding hall can hold approx 20 guests and is not in the centre of Rome. Weddings are allowed every day except from Tuesdays.

The Coliseum…

Catholic ceremonies in Rome can be celebrated in one of the impressive churches we propose where an English speaking priest can perform the ceremony in English. Obviously one of the spouses must be catholic in faith and it is not a problem to add the legal validity to avoid a second ceremony to obtain a wedding certificate. Churches in Rome are the most spectacular in the world with a huge historical value like St Peters or St Anna inside the Vatican City, or the Ara Coeli Church or the Santa Maria in Trastevere Church. There are many stunning churches in Rome that we recommend to enjoy a unique Wedding Day!

Castle Sant’Angelo

Symbolic ceremonies are organized by our company in the finest venues in the city, private Villas, palaces, castles… free your imagination and tell us how you envision your fairy tale Wedding. We can help you to make your dreams come true. Symbolic ceremonies have no legal validity, this means that you don’t have restrictions in terms of ceremony text and setting and you avoid the hassle of preparing paperwork.

The Vatican

Renewal of vows and anniversary are other special events that we can organize in Rome in a Church if the wedding was Catholic or if it is a symbolic renewal of vows it can take place on a rooftop or a panoramic terrace, many beautiful options are available for such an intimate moment to be shared by a man and a woman in love!

Horse and carriage, hot balloon rides, Roll Royce or vintage cars, historical tours are all elements that can be included in the planning of your fabulous Wedding in Rome!


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