Exciting wedding proposal in Verona

Exciting wedding proposal in Verona

On October 8th 2011 I left Codroipo in the early morning with Sara and Cristian (her husband), Liana, Chiara and Marco (her boyfriend) and Paolo and Alessia (two friends) and we all drove to Verona. We arrived at Juliet’s house at 10:30 in order to have time enough to get all the things ready for 12:00.

The romantic Juliet’s house balcony

The videographer videotaped them wearing the yellow T-shirts… yes, you read correctly, YELLOW T-SHIRTS! The t-shirts had a word in Cyrillic on the back and all together formed a sentence… a very romantic sentence… but I cannot anticipate anything!

Studying the final places of our figureheads
Behind the scenes… Sara and Christian, discussing the last details…

At 11:45 we were divided into 3 groups: Marco, Paolo and Alessia were under Juliet’s balcony, me and Liana in front of the entrance of the courtyard, Sara, Chiara and Cristian about 50 metres out of the courtyard…

Martina, receiving last instructions from Sara
Waiting for the couple to arrive… final instructions…
Sara, finalizing last details...
Sara giving last minute instructions to our wedding angels!

12:00 o’ clock: Sara’s mobile rang… ”It’s him! They are arriving! Guys, get ready! Here we gooooo!”. The guys started walking and the couple followed the yellow t-shirts among the crowd of tourists, when the whole group and the couple arrived at the center of the courtyard, the guys made a circle around the couple and one after the other turned around, giving them their back. She read the sentence: “Ale, I want to stay with you forever, you are my other half, I love you” and then, from the balcony she heard a person calling her and a huge poster was unrolled from Juliet’s Balcony: “Will you…” and then Anton told her… something secret… we were not supposed to know! She hugged him and started crying! Sara gave her a bouquet of white roses and Cristian let fall a rain of rose petals upon them… all the tourists around fell silent and, at the end of the show, clapped their hands! They were all involved in this touching moment!

Exclusive Italy wedding planners
Guess what it is written… Always, I love you, I want you…
Our romantic wedding planners!

After that, the couple was invited to enter the house and go to the second floor where a surprise was ready for them! The whole floor and the balcony was reserved for them, there was a table with a white table cloth, two glasses of Prosecco and the person in charge at the House gave them a folder with a love poem and a symbolic certificate of their promise of love.

Marriage proposal certificate

The whole group accompanied the couple throughout the streets of Verona to a beautiful restaurant, where Sara had reserved a table for them …we do not know what happened after that… but 3 days later Anton wrote that she said YES! Mission accomplished!


Mission impossible done it
Mission impossible! Martina and Sara, happy for the fantastic result of our mission!
Martina and Chiara, happy for the fantastic result of our mission!
Love promises and message of couples from all over the world..
Sara is thinking about renewing her wedding vows in Verona next year!
Martina giving some advice to William Shakespeare!
View of Verona
Romantic and elegant Verona… we wish to come back again for another special mission!


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