Wedding in Rome

Wedding in Rome

Italy has many fabulous towns where a couple can plan their wedding, but one of my favourite locations is definitely Rome, our beautiful capital. The eternal city.

Jennifer and Ryan contacted me to help them plan their destination wedding in Rome. Jennifer’s mother contacted me cause she wanted to plan something very special for her youngest daughter, a day that she could remember for all her life. They were planning a huge lavish wedding in NY at springtime, when Jennifer find out that she was expecting a baby.

She was happy about her lovely news, but at the same time so sorry that she couldn’t have the fairytale wedding she had dreamt all her life. So her mother contacted me to help create a unique and romantic event in one of the most amazing destinations of the world: Rome! I had only 2 months to organize the whole event.
An intimate and luxurious symbolic wedding with 9 guests.Preparation startet at the Hotel Eden, where the couple and the whole party were staying…

Our hairdresser Mauro and the make-up artist arrive at the hotel around 8:00 am in the morning.
A  wonderful red rose bouquet for the bride, 2 small bouquets of white roses for mothers, corsages and boutonnieres were delivered around 8:45 in the morning in the bride’s room…

Wedding dress
Wedding dress and bouquets

My wedding coordinator, videographer Andrea, and photographer Mr. Carlo, arrived at the hotel at 9:00 am and take some shots prior going to ceremony. Jennifer was radiant in her beautiful wedding dress.

Jennifer getting ready
Jennifer getting ready in her room

Around 10:00 am a minibus came at their hotel, to pick-up the groom and some of the guests and transfer them to the wedding venue, the lovely Palazzo Brancaccio, a spectacular Baroque Palace located in the heart of Rome.

Groom and guests leaving in a minibus

A luxury Mercedes Limo came to pick-up the bride and father at the hotel. Ceremony started at 10:30. An intimate and romantic ceremony that our celebrant, Mr. Giuseppe personalized just for Jennifer and Ryan. A touching ceremony performed in English and accompained by the sound of a harp. The ceremony took place in the lovely Casina di Caccia of Palazzo Brancaccio. Our florist, Mr. Franz (a creative German floral designer) created fabulous floral arrangements with finest red roses and green cymbidiums, candles, a red velvet carpet and decorative plants…

Wedding ceremony at the Casina di Caccia, Palazzo Brancaccio – Symbolic ceremony in Rome

Right after the ceremony…Hugs and kisses after ceremony

Then I organized for all of them an exciting photo session in the most amazing spots of the city… I am sure you will recognize all of them as they are world-known places that you cannot miss if you have a wedding in Rome…

Walking near Arco di Costantino
Couple near S. Angelo Castle
All together at the Spanish Steps

After their amazing photo-tour session that lasted approximately 2 hours, exploring the most amazing sights of Rome, the whole group head to their fabulous reception venue, the panoramic roof-top restaurant of the Hotel Hassler, located at Spanish steps. The restaurant was rented exclusively for their event.

To end a very special day, the pianist played their favourite love song and they danced it for the first time as husband and wife.

When they came back home Jen’s mother wrote me this lovely e-mail… I couldn’t be happier, I had planned this event with so much dedication and love and her lovely words compensated all the hard efforts I did to plan this wedding in a very short notice.

Dear Laura,

I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to you for all you did to bring about the glorious wedding day for Jennifer and Ryan in Rome. Jennifer said it was the best day of her life and my heart was so joyful to see how happy she was with all of the preparations. My husband and I could not have given her such a wonderful day without your help. Please know how much we appreciate your hard work in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend you and your company and all of the vendors you chose for us.

Federica was so wonderful. She had such a warm and welcoming personality and brought us through the day so perfectly.  I especially am grateful to her for her assistance at the Palazzo Brancaccio on Thursday and also with the visit to the florist. When I entered the Casina di Caccia on Friday I could not believe how beautiful it looked. The florist did an amazing job with the floral arrangements! Next to seeing the happiness on Jennifer’s face as she stepped out of the car to enter the Casina, and walking down the aisle with her Dad,  my first glimpse of the beautiful flowers was my favorite moment of the day. I will send Mr. Steiner a note with my gratitude.  Thank you for recommending him to us. 

Ms. Yvonne Kellman at the Hasssler Hotel was lovely. The room was very beautiful and all of our guests enjoyed it greatly. The dinner was outstanding and the staff was very kind and we were grateful that they  allowed  us those extra minutes. The music was just the right touch and the musicians were wonderful.  Also the harpist and flautist played very beautifully at the ceremony. As we arrived late and left within minutes I did not get a chance to speak with them but please let them know how much we enjoyed their music.

Mr. Rossi and his wife Diane performed a beautiful ceremony. It was a very meaningful and emotional moment and they had the kindest faces! They were wonderful and most patient with Jennifer as she planed the ceremony with them. I am very grateful to them for that. I also was a little afraid that because it was a symbolic ceremony it would not feel real to me, but they truly made the ceremony authentic and that is what I shall always remember. It was a blessing to have them as part of Jennifer and Ryan’s wedding ceremony. 

I also want to thank you for the services of the hairdresser and his assistant.  They were so kind to Jennifer and they made her especially beautiful for her special day.  Again, a wonderful choice on your part that was much appreciated. 

Finally, we all enjoyed watching the photographer and his assistant photograph the wedding and also the videographer Rizzo film the video. All three gentleman were most kind and I am looking forward to seeing their work and reliving the day through their eyes. I hope that you also get to see their finished product.

In closing, I wish to thank you again for everything. My heart is full of gratitude and joy.

Kindest Regards,
Anne White [mother of the bride]

Thank you so much Anne for your lovely words!


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