Derek and Erin, a romantic outdoor civil wedding in Positano

Derek and Erin, a romantic outdoor civil wedding in Positano

Derek and Erin are really a beautiful and young Canadian couple, they had been dating for 8 years, had travelled the world together and got engaged in Paris just a few weeks before contacting us! Yes, it was time to start the planning of their Big Day and is there a more beautiful country than Italy where they could get a memorable Wedding day? No! for sure! They envisioned their wedding ceremony and reception overlooking water, in an intimate and candlelit reception, white flowers and the best food. The Amalfi Coast was exactly what they had in mind!

Derek and Erin
Seal of love

They immediately raised their concerns about the paperwork to their Wedding Planner Martina who as all our wedding planners has an extensive experience with paperwork, has an established relationship with Embassies and Consulates around Italy and enjoyes handling the most complicated cases!!! Of course this was not a complicated situation but Derek and Erin soon felt they were in good hands, they received exact instructions, exact timings and as expected paperwork was a really stess- free part of the planning!

Questions regarding the ceremony, the reception, the schedule and whole planning were endless but all received a detailed and professional reply. Undoubtedly we know our couples have a number of concerns and questions and the decision to hire a wedding planners is based on the wish to avoid the stress of the most hectic time of their lives.

Soon Erin and Derek with the approval of their family found the right date and started the planning of details such as “walking down the aisle”, wedding vows, music, hairdresser, flowers, distances, Champagne toast after the ceremony, transfer of guests, wedding menu, candles and favours and more… were discussed and finalized.

Erin is such a lovely and sweet bride, always polite, grateful, positive and excited about all the emails she received from Martina. All wedding planners wish to plan a wedding of such special person! Erin and Derek received many gifts from life, they are not just a really fantastic couple but also sooo beautiful! And deserved a unique Wedding!

They got married on September 28th 2011, at 4pm on a beautiful sunny day, while a mandolin and guitar were playing on a panoramic terrace encircled by beautiful green mountains located on top of Positano, overlooking the enchanting town with its Cathedral by the beach and the deep blue sea, what a breathtaking setting for a ceremony!

Champagne was offered to all guests right after the ceremony for a toast all together, what a romantic moment to share with your family and friends! Guests then were transferred to the Bar La Pergola, by the beach for a cocktail hour  while Bride and Groom with the photographer reached the most beautiful spots in town for the photo session.

And what beautiful spots! But above all, this beautiful couple, their spontaneity, natural smile, huge love for each other made their wedding photos sooo special! Our senior coordinator Giovanna coordinated this wedding and thanks to our rigorous selection of providers, our exact instruction and her supervision this wedding was a full success!!!

Drinks at the beach bar La Pergola

The wedding reception on the Praiano terrace of the Restaurant Le Terrazze was the “grand finale”! A delicious menu with the best local wines:

Welcome Aperitif,  finger food and Italian prosecco
(Neapolitan finger food and 1 flute of Prosecco or no-alcoholic drinks per person)

Rolled chicken salad with aromatic lettuce
Risotto Carnaroli with local cheese, pears, walnuts and honey
Sliced beef with potatoes and aubergines parmigiana 

Wedding cake: Delizia al Limone

Limoncello liquor
Mineral water


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