Wedding in a Palladian Villa near Venice

Wedding in a Palladian Villa near Venice

This is a new story about a wedding in venice planned to perfection by our wedding planner ;)

If I had to think about about a wonderful joyful couple, without any doubt on the top of the list will be Nessa & Massimiliano!

Bride and Groom photo session

Nessa, a lovely Irish bride with an incredible personality: an enterprising business woman with a very clear vision of the things desired, strong, determined but at the same time loving, sweet and passionate and so madly in love with Max to get ready to follow him wherever to the end of the earth!

Max, a successful Italian wine maker, smart, sensitive, very kind and easy going (good looking too! :)).
A perfect couple that was looking for a perfect venue location: an special venue not far from the town where Max was from, that could impress guests coming from Ireland.

Nessa and Max called me around November and came to my office to meet me. They described me the type of event they had in mind and wanted me to create and coordinate a special day in a fabulous location. Their request was:

  • 120 guests attending (from Ireland & Italy)
  • Catholic ceremony with civil validity
  • Impressive Castle or Villa venue
  • Church within walking distance
  • Venue within 1 hour and 30 minutes max from Venice airport
  • The venue should accommodate at least 30 family members
  • Venue that allowed music and dancing without time limit
  • Excellent Catering Service
  • Corkage allowed (the groom was a good friend of the best wine producers of the region)
  • Nearby hotels where to lodge friends coming from Ireland
  • Easy access to the wine district for day excursions

I suggested them a couple of venues and accompanied them on a site-inspection and they ended up choosing the wonderful Villa Deciani located only 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from Venice. This venue was simply perfect!

Palladian Villa near Venice

At the early stages of the planning they wanted to have a catholic ceremony in the 18th century church located at the bottom of the Villa, but then Max manifested his desire to get married at his parish church in Dolegnano del Friuli and have a ceremony performed by his local priest. The ceremony was officiated both in English and Italian.

Out of the church, raining again but so happy!

The closest family members (30 approx) stayed at the Villa, while the remaining of Irish guests lodged in hotels located only 10/15 minutes driving distance from the venue. Since the wedding was celebrated in Dolegnano (about 40 minutes drive from Villa) I had  to organize shuttle buses to move the entire group of Irish guests to the church and then back to the reception venue.

Areas selected for the event

Cocktail time    Ball room in the Noble Floor of the Villa
Dinner  – Served in the small Barchessa facing the wonderful garden of the Villa
After dinner – Small Barchessa (next to the main Barchessa)

Wedding Menu

I contacted a creative catering service and agreed together with the couple on this special wedding menu:

As guests arrive
Serve glass of champagne  

Cocktail hour
Selection of cold cuts and cheeses
San Daniele Ham
Selection of  cheeses with mustard, jam and honey
Boulle with cherry mozzarellas
Fantasy of breads and bread-sticks
Sauris Culatello with pears and honey
Delicious selection of French toast
Small Hamburger of Chianina Beef with delicate sauce
Grilled Scallops
Seasonal fritters
Glass of smoked Salmon with tartare of cherry tomatoes and Taggiasche Olives
Caprino Cheese with lukewarm cherries tomatoes

Sit-down meal
Zucchini Flan with basil pesto and fresh tomatoes
Home-made Cjalsons with Carnia fine herbs with Ricotta cheese, butter and sage
Mango and Orange sorbet
Sauris Fillet
Grilled vegetables marinated
Diced potatoes with thyme

 Serve 1 flute of Champagne
(speeches20/25 min.)

 Standing – served outside in the garden
Buffet of fresh fruit with homemade ice cream
Wedding cake
Coffee and digestive
Excellent regional wines throughout the cocktail and meal
OPEN BAR (unlimited amount of drinks)

Wedding cake

3 Layers cake
Main layer: White sponge cake, Chantilly cream and fruit
Second layer: Choco sponge cake and chantilly cream
Top tier: White sponge cake, Chantilly cream and fruit
Decoration: small bouquet of roses on the top and rose petals scattered around the base.

Cutting the cake

Inclusive of: Ivory Linens, tall tables with linens and ribbons for cocktail, finest cutlery and china, , tables for dinner, cushions, chairs with golden ribbon, menu printing, tableau seating plan, lanterns and candles, table place card.
Italian Beer, mineral water and soft drinks for dinner included.
Wines and champagne (Corkage)

Flowers and Color Theme

Nessa had clear ideas of the type of decorations wanted. I contacted a very creative florist that decorated many wonderful events for my agency and set-up an appointment for her to meet Nessa and Max. Michela understood immediately what Nessa wanted and gave her lots of ideas to decorate her event.

Flowers used: roses and hydrangeas, and wild greenery (ivy, and other selected greenery)
Color theme: white and a mix a pink shade (colors to match the bridesmaid dresses colors)

Decoration of the church

Rental of two vases with boxwood at the entrance of the church
12 pews decoration white hydrangeas and cascading ivy
1 arrangement on the celebrant altar, round shape, white hydrangea, few roses ivy with candle in the middle
2 x arrangements on the small lateral altars, white hydrangea, ivy and few roses
2 x large candelabras set beside B & G decorated with hydrangeas, few roses and ivy

Bridal party flowers

12 x Boutonnieres, ivory rose with ivy
1 bridal bouquet: roses in white and different pink shades with ivy
5 x Bridesmaids with white hydrangeas and ivory roses bouquet
Arrangement bridal car

Reception flowers

Table centerpieces with roses and hydrangeas in her color theme, with branches in the middle in golden color, tea-lights around the base garland, and hanging on the branches
3 x cocktail table arrangements (same color theme and flowers)
B & G table décor, central décor low arrangement, long shape alternate with candles, cascading ivy on front
Wedding cake bouquet decors and rose petals on the base


  • Harpist & Violin (repertoire of religious ceremony)
  • Entrance bridesmaids: Canon D. Pachelbel
  • Entrance Bride: Wedding March
  • Exchange of Vows (only harpist): An Chuilfhionn
  • Offertory: Ave Maria Schubert
  • Communion: Londonderry Air and Panis Angelicus
  • Signature: Gabriel’s Oboe
  • Exit: Carolan’s Concerto
Harpist playing during ceremony
  • Cocktail time – Classical Italian Standards
  • Music during dinner – cable system music
  • After dinner – Live Funky band & DJ

I invite you to read the schedule of their wedding day:

10:00 Nessa + 4 bridesmaid + mother & flower girl go to the hairdresser Salon
11:00  Bridal hairstyle
14:00 Bride is back at the Villa
14:00 Videographer arrives in the Villa
14:00 Florist delivers flowers for the entire bridal party at the Villa
14:30Arrival of wedding photographer
14:45 Bride dressed-up
14:50 Guest pick-up at the Villa and transfer to Dolegnano
15:00 Martina (my assistant)  arrives at the church in Dolegnano
15:15 Bride and father leave to Dolegnano 
15:30 Photographers (Luca + assistant ) arrive in Dolegnano to photograph groom
14:50 Irish guests ready in the lobby of their hotel, my assistant Stefania will accompany them to the bus
15:40 All guests arrive in the church of Dolegnano
15:45 Priest arrives at the church
15:50 Groom and groomsman move inside the church in the altar area
16:00 Ceremony commences
17:00 End of ceremony
17:30 Group shot outside the church
17:45/18:00 Leave to the reception venue
18:30/18:40 All guests arrive at the villa
19:30 Family portraits in the garden. B & G 15 minutes photo session on their own
20:30 Dinner starts
22:30 Speeches
23:00 Cutting of cake outside in the lawn. Sky lanterns to be lit in the garden (depending on weather). Open bar service starts
23:00 Starting of after hour party
01:00 Minivans organized by client available to shuttle guests from the Villa to their hotels
01:30 DJ

I invite you to enjoy some pictures of this marvellous event…


Image Credits: Tassotto & Max ©.


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