Terri and Marek – Romantic summer wedding in Venice

Terri and Marek – Romantic summer wedding in Venice

When Terri-Lyn and Marek contacted us it was January 1st 2012! They wanted to plan an intimate ceremony, just the two of them in the beautiful city of Venice and asked us to organize something truly special. Laura, our director, thought: “Who, better than Sara, the most romantic wedding planner in the world, would be able to make their Venetian dreams come true?”. Maybe because I love to plan romantic elopements… and I was thrilled to assist this couple in the organization of their Venetian wedding.

While traveling to Venice I wrote in my diary:

Rain, rain and more rain… it rained for days before Terri and Marek’s wedding…

It’s May 18th, early morning, I am sitting on the train that takes me from our home town to Venice. A quick look outside… oh… I can’t believe it… the sun! Thanks God!

Liana and I are going to Venice to coordinate the romantic wedding between Terri and Marek. She’s a young woman with Italian origins and he’s Polish, they both live in Canada. They decided to promise each other their eternal love in one of the most romantic cities in the world: Venice!

I am so happy and honoured to have a part in their dream!

Hi Sara!

I just wanted to let you know that we received both CDs with the pics! One came on Monday and the other on the mail today! Lol! Perfect for our party this weekend. I have so much more to say and will… it’s been quite busy since we returned home. Back to work… back to reality. I want to come back to Italy! Marek and I have more to say and we will make sure you have an email by next week. Hope you are doing well.

I am just running out the door… but will write back in the next day or so! You were so amazing!



Thank you Terri!


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