Sara Portello, a devoted event planner

Sara Portello, a devoted event planner

Let me introduce you who I consider to be one of the most meticulous, precise  and devoted event planners, Mrs. Sara Portello. I feel so lucky to have her in my staff, weddings assigned to her are the guarantee of a refined and successful event.

I asked Sara to write something about herself as an event planner, I hope you enjoy it…


“Sara, hurry up, the bus is waiting for you!”  my mom said and I replied: ”not yet, this t-shirt does not match with that skirt, they are terrible together”
“Sara, you are beautiful, come on, go out” my mom said and I answered ”my sock has an annoying crease”
“Sara, you are too meticulous, you will have to change!”

…but luckily I met Laura Frappa and I discovered a world where the attention to the details is a basic feature to be a successful wedding planner!

After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature I spent some time in Scotland, Washington DC and Spain, I’ve always loved to know other countries and customs, in particular the Anglo-Saxon and American world has always  fascinated me.
Just after my return from Spain I worked as a travel agent here, near Venice, it was a great experience as I learned how to organize group travels, book hotels, organize transportation and dinners for both small and big groups.
During that period I got also the possibility to travel along Italy and publicize my region. I liked that job but I wasn’t completely satisfied, something missed… maybe my Anglo-Saxon soul felt to be laid aside…

Luckily, I did not have to wait for a long time, the right combination was around the corner.

I started working as wedding planner 7 years ago and it was love at first sight, I find that the wedding planning is exciting and stimulating, it’s every time different because every couple is different. I love to know my spouses deeply in order to propose them the right options, satisfy their requests and create a perfect wedding.

A wedding planning can last just few months or more than a year and the planner becomes a friend… a very dear friend! It’s so beautiful when e-mails start to go beyond the wedding planning and enter the personal field. Few jobs have the pleasure to deal with happy people planning their BIG DAY, with trustful service providers, to speak  about flowers, music etc. for the whole day, be in contact with hotels along the whole Italy, WONDERFUL villas and CHARMING reception venues. It’s really a honor to visit and work with such beautiful venues.

After the wedding, most of my brides told me that they missed me and my e-mails! That’s so touching! Spouses’ lovely words and thanks are the most beautiful gift  that a wedding planner can ever receive.

Sara on a site inspection trip in Ravello

Sara with a bride, on a farewell brunch
Positive and smiling as always

I am a terribly romantic person and I spent my whole childhood dreaming my Prince Charming and my own wedding & wedding dress! How much time spent in drawing wedding dresses… now I can tell you that no one of those sketches looked like the wedding dress I chose in 2008 when I got married with my Prince Charming.

At the end of October I had the opportunity to take part to a fashion show of vintage wedding dresses, I wore 5 beautiful dresses, they were all very old (1956, 1961, 1963… and 1978) and the last one belongs to my mother, it was so touching for both of us.

I feel privileged in doing this beautiful job and I hope to keep organizing weddings for many years ahead… let’s say… “Till death do us part”



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