Medieval Civil wedding in Castellina in Chianti

Medieval Civil wedding in Castellina in Chianti

Natasha and Michael, are  a romantic american couple on their 30s that contacted me around March 2011 to help them plan their wedding in Tuscany. They were uncertain on where to plan their wedding ceremony and if having a civil or symbolic wedding. We exchanged different e-mails and I recommended to them which were the most enchanting marriage locations in Tuscany and at the end they decided to have a civil wedding in the beautiful town hall of Castellina in Chianti, in a wonderful Medieval Castle located in the historical center of town.

Natasha & Michael, a picture they sent me before the wedding
Castellina in Chianti, their marriage destination

They arrived in Italy on the 18th of October and stayed in a lovely hotel located in the center of Florence. The next day we organize an appointment at the Law court in Florence to do a document called “Atto Notorio”. Our assistant Katrina accompany them at the law court, provided two witnesses and act as an interpreter.
The next day they met again Katrina who accompany them at the Us Consulate of Florence, where they made a sworn declaration called “Nulla Osta” which grants permission to marry in Italy. Everything run smoothly and was impeccably planned. All documents now to get married in Castellina were ready and the couple could drive to Castellina and enjoy a couple of days of relax prior their wedding ceremony.

They rented an apartment in Chianti at BORGO PIETRAFITTA for four nights. I recommended them to stay in Castellina in Chianti, since they were very close to the ceremony venue, and at the same time they could take advantage of the reduction applied on the marriage hall fee for staying in a hotel/villa located in the comune of Castellina.

The day started with the preparation of the bride at her apartment… my assistant Stella, helped her to put on her dress. A lovely Renaissance style gown  which was absolutely perfect for this stunning medieval location…

Natasha portrait… and her wonderful wedding gown

10:30 our florist Sara delivered the bouquet of white roses and boutonniere to the hotel.
11:50 Stella came into the apartment of B & G and helped Natasha to get ready.
12:00 Natasha left to the town hall, the photographer was waiting for the spouses in the main square of town to make some special shots prior the ceremony
12:10 they arrived in the centre of town and had a few pictures.

Castellina in Chianti town hall



Dear Laura, I wanted to take this time to thank you for coordinating and planning our wedding in the beautiful Tuscany Region on October 22, 2011. It was an amazing experience that we will never forget! You were very quick and sufficient in replying to all our emails with questions about eloping and getting married in Italy. You were always pleasant and cheerful when corresponding back to us. All of the coordinators and interpreters working for Exclusive Italy weddings were helpful with all of our legal paperwork that we needed to have done in order for our marriage to be recognized in the United States. We made wonderful new friends that we will always hold dear to our hearts! Thank you for suggesting the beautiful Castle in Chianti to have our civil wedding. It was a fairy-tail venue and a perfect renaissance background for our “love story” wedding. The photographer was great and captured amazing shots in the castle and beautiful Tuscany countryside. We loved all the pictures!!!!!! The restaurant for our wedding dinner at Albergaccio was exquisite! We are big food and wine critics back home and we were very impressed. We also loved the villa you booked for us during our stay at Borgo Di Pietrafitta! It was very romantic! We can’t wait to come back to visit and stay in the Villa again! We could not of asked for a better coordinator to handle all of our elopement plans in your country. We loved the people, culture, food, shopping, and all the great things Italy has to offer. We came back home with great memories, and adventurous stories to tell all our family and friends. We look forward to our new life together! Love, Natasha and Michael Parks. New Orleans, Louisiana. United States of America

Natasha!!!! :) Thank you for these lovely words. It was a pleasure to help you plan your wedding in Castellina, and your are absolutely right, your wedding pictures are AMAZING!

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