The perfect bridal make-up

The perfect bridal make-up

What are the steps for a perfect bridal make up?

Marriage is a very special occasion in a woman’s life. Every woman knows that all the gazes will be upon her for the whole day, it’s important to pay attention to all the details from the dress to the shoes, from the hairstyle to the make up to have a gorgeous and sunny look!
In the past, there was the custom that friends and relatives helped the bride in getting ready for the wedding.
Today, there are professionals who take care of all parts of Bridal Make up.

Bridal make up is a unique requirement and needs careful thought and consideration. The best approach to make-up for brides is one of corrective, subtle make-up that enhances the bride’s best features & makes her look naturally radiant & beautiful on her big day.
The first thing people notice when they look at a bride – is how stunning and radiant she looks, not her makeup itself.

A professional makeup artist understands all the elements of video/photographic makeup. She knows how your makeup will be affected according to camera techniques, lighting, film stocks and exposure. Your artist will work with colors and pigments that complement your skin, style and personality.

How should be the perfect bridal make up? Let’s see 4 steps: foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick.

1. Make up base: Foundation & Concealer

Begin with a primer to cover possible imperfections of your skin such as spots and scars and wait some minutes before applying foundation. We recommend to use a light and oil free foundation as it gives a natural effect and lasts longer.
If you want to prevent your face from getting shiny you can always dust a little bit of pressed powder over your foundation.
As for the concealer, we recommend to choose one with a dry consistency and apply it after your foundation.

2. Blush: the final make up touch

Blush is a MUST! It represent the final touch of a great make up base! as If you’ve applied liquid or cream foundation, start with a cream blush and then brush on a powder blush. Also in this case you can choose among a peach or fuchsia blush according to the colour of your skin and the eye shadows you have chosen to apply.

3. Eye make up: keep it simple

The  eyes are always very important as they are the focus of the face! Everybody will look at your eyes for the whole day! We recommend to apply little product to avoid a mask effect, you can choose cream or powder eye shadow and the colours have to suit the skin colour . To keep the eyebrows up and up, once you’ve added color, comb your brows into place with a clear eyebrow and wait some minute. Waterproof mascara is the only guarantee against streak-stained cheeks.

4. Lipstick and Gloss

Apply a bit of foundation on the edges of the lips before adding any color, line and fill in your lips with pencil. Brush on your lipstick, cover with a paper handkerchief, brush a bit of powder on it and then reapply the lipstick.

After the lipstick, brush a gloss. Usually a pink toned blusher will give you a more natural and fresh look while a terracota one will make you look more sophisticated.

Your make-up has to last for hours and resist tears, kisses, dancing and drinking. A good way to ensure make-up stays, use both cream and powder versions of everything. We also recommend to spray a fixative for make up,  this is an excellent guarantee!

Skin Care for the big day

Here there are some quick solutions to ensure you look your glowing best.

Natural products such as

  • Contact a wedding planner to organize your wedding, so that you have to think just to your beauty and be as stress free as possible.
  • Drink up to 2 litres of water a day to eliminate any toxins in the body and hydrate the skin. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Any beauty diet should be started well in advance, at least two months prior to the wedding.
  • Use a good quality professional skin care products from cleaning gel to moisturizing cream. Ideally you should cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day and avoid using soaps, which are too harsh for the skin and can be very drying.
  • A face mask is recommended approx once a week for your  skin type. You should also exfoliate approx twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Use a raw potato slice on your face as often as you can. It’s a natural bleach and exfoliator
  • Start conditioning your hair with deep conditioning treatments every alternate day.
  • Beauty sleep.

You will notice a great improvement in the condition of your skin and the way your make up will look on the skin!

Are you planning your BIG DAY? Remember to give the right importance to the make-up, our wedding planners will be able to help you and book an excellent Italian  make up artist closer to your wedding location!


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Hi there,
I’ll be having a pre- wedding photoshoot on the 21st of May in Florence. There will be 2 photoshoot sessions- morning 5am and afternoon 4pm. Would you be able to do the hair and make up that early in the morning? Can you please send me the quotation? Thanks.

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Hi Raine, thank you for contacting us! The time is not a problem, please specify if 5am is the time when the photoshoot begins or the time when you would like to have makeup and hairdo. Please drop us a line via our contact form.

I am Sasha. I will be the photographer. My brother and his fiance will have an engagement shoot in Venice on 2/21, 2015 and another shoot on 2/27 in Rome. we are interested in hiring you to be the makeup and hair (the extract date will be confirmed but should be the same week). The look in Venice will be night gown and the look in Rome will be bridal. Needs experience with Asian model. We only needs one person for both hair and make up. Can you advise your rate? Thanks

Sasha Chou Photography


My names Laura & I’m getting married on the 2nd July

Wonder if you can please send me your price list in regards to hair and make up?

Look forward to hearing from you.

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