Fairytale Castle Wedding in Florence of Layla and Jason

Fairytale Castle Wedding in Florence of Layla and Jason

This is the story of an incredible wedding in an incredible venue: the fantastic Vincigliata Castle in Tuscany. A wedding in this castle is a dream come true!

Update: this venue is not available for the wedding seasons 2022 and 2023.

But let’s start from the beginning: Layla and Jason are from New York. Jason is from Long Island, and Layla is from Queens. They contacted us last year to organize a symbolic ceremony in the fall season since they would get legally married in the United States.

This is how Layla envisioned her wedding day:

We want our wedding to be truly beautiful and for all of our guests to have an amazing time!

I like a lot of white, with touches of color here and there for accents. I love chandeliers and hanging lanterns (and lanterns in general). Flowers are beautiful.

I imagine something simple, elegant, enchanting, maybe even a tiny bit whimsical. I want it to look like something of a beautiful midsummer night’s dream!

I need help planning décor, flowers, music, photography, videography, hair and makeup. Basically all the party stuff!

With the help of our expert wedding planners, we selected some venues in the Tuscany region. The couple chose the castle of Vincigliata on the hills surrounding Florence, which is just 10 minutes’ drive from the city center.
Wedding in Florence

For their symbolic ceremony, we worked side by side with the light designers of Alma Project to create a super romantic atmosphere with hundreds of fairy lights suspended from the ceiling of the Loggia.

The wedding reception took place in the Veranda. The weather was not very good on that day, but the castle has many areas available and we could reorganize every moment of the wedding to take place indoors. Here is what Layla wrote in her testimonial:

Martina was able to seamlessly rearrange my wedding the day of, due to iffy on and off rain, as she always has a ‘plan B’ intact. No weather could ever get in Martina’s way! I can honestly say the night turned out to be a fairytale! Now I can say I have added a new “happiest, most meaningful day of my life” to my list – which was my wedding at Castello di Vincigliata; and I have Laura Frappa and Martina Coppino at Exclusive Italy Weddings to thank.

For the cake cutting the couple and guests moved to the castle courtyard with another spectacular lighting.

Cake Cutting at Vincigliata Castle Courtyard

The first dance of the bridal couple, so romantic under those fairy lights, looking like a miniature Milky Way of stars for the newlyweds!

[Exclusive Italy Weddings] are a huge reason as to why we decided to have our wedding in Italy! Saying that Laura and Martina are two of the most warm, caring, patient, smart, and resourceful women I’ve ever met, is a complete understatement. I could never imagine planning my wedding without them. Each message was always replied to within the day, with answers, questions, and most importantly, constant warmth and reassurance (which is what every ‘bride to be’ needs in order to stay sane).

Thanks to Layla for her sweet words! I hope you enjoy this photo gallery with the best moments of the wedding captured by Cristiano Ostinelli. If you are dreaming of a castle wedding in Italy don’t hesitate: contact us today and discover the fantastic venues available to get married in Italy.


Image Credits: Cristiano Ostinelli ©.


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