The Wedding diary: faithful companion of every bride to be!

The Wedding diary: faithful companion of every bride to be!

Planning is the key to the success of a wedding. Remember all the steps to the aisle, thanks to a wedding diary.

Planning a wedding takes normally one year. During this year a lot of things happen, ideas and tastes of the spouses change and it is important to keep track of every decision taken and choice made. The best thing to do it is to have a wedding diary!

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A wedding diary is a must have for a bride to be. It is a tangible keepsake of the planning of your wedding: it’s a witness of a bride’s happy moments and every woman will love to open it years later to live again those emotions that just a bride can feel and understand!

The wedding diary: a must be for a bride

A bride’s diary is useful to keep record of every single step of the wedding’s planning; it will accompany the couple from the engagement to the thank you notes.

There are diaries for every kind of style, classical chic journals with white pages to write on, vintage style books, ecofriendly ones made of recycled paper, coloured and girlish or simple, modern wedding agendas with useful tips and a planner to help you to define every single detail of the big day!

You may also consider something classical Italian in Florentine paper

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A diary is normally divided into sections that correspond to the different phases of the planning: 1 year before, 6 months before, 1 month before, 1 week before…

Your diary can be otherwise divided into themes such as:

  • Getting Started: budget, schedule…
  • Guests and Stationery: guest list, invitations and replies…
  • Wardrobe: wedding party measurements and bridal shops to visit…
  • Wedding Day: Venue details, Food and Drink, Music and Entertainment, Flowers, Photography…
  • Gifts: Wedding list, Thank You list…
  • Contacts and Notes: Suppliers details

In every section you can take note of your preferences and wishes… Maybe someone, after having a look at it, can find some inspiration and surprise you somehow!

It is absolutely necessary that your book has a checklist, so that every idea that comes can be recorded and then be checked again at the end of the planning.

If you are a geek you may prefer an online solution: with wedding planning software, then you have the option to use your computer so that easier access and view every development in your computer.

Whatever you choose keep in mind that this fabulous book will become a constant companion right up until the special day!


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