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Jewish Ceremony in a Castle near Florence

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Adriana and Hector getting married in Rome

Many couples choose to get married in Rome for its strong symbolic allure: it is a city imbued with religious symbols and buildings, and above all, it is the seat of the… Read More

Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Rome

The “evergreen” of wedding planning. Some things never get old and this is the case of religious wedding ceremonies: Exclusive Italy Weddings offers a specific package for spouses interested in a traditional… Read More

Get an unforgettable wedding day in one of the most enchanting cities of the world. Get lost in the magical streets and avenues of Rome, surrounded by ancient ruins dating back over… Read More

Civil wedding ceremonies in Italy are unique and truly special. 70% of the couples wishing to get married in Italy choose to have a civil wedding rite. In our country there are spectacular venues… Read More

If you have never been to Rome you have missed the most fabulous art works in the world. Italy boasts really beautiful historical cities like Florence where you can find the real… Read More

Italy has many fabulous towns where a couple can plan their wedding, but one of my favourite locations is definitely Rome, our beautiful capital. The eternal city. Jennifer and Ryan contacted me… Read More