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Italian cuisine is delicious! All you need to know to create a traditional Italian wedding banquet with its iconic dishes. Read More

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Civil Wedding in Italy

A handy guide to the paperwork required for getting married in Italy with legal validity, with specific information for each nationality. Read More

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Have you ever wondered which is the most beautiful season to get married in Italy? Our country will enchant you with its glorious views and wonderful colors. Read More

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Wedding Stationery

Our checklist to plan an impeccable destination wedding in Italy: read our advice about the most important things to do 9 to 6 months before the big day. Read More

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Bridal Gowns

If you are thinking about a destination wedding in Italy it is important to take decisions at the right time. It is useful to know in advance the best time to make your choices to ensure a smooth and stress free organization. Read More

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Masseria for Weddings in Puglia

Weddings in Puglia are becoming more and more popular for destination weddings in Italy because this region is so exciting! Miles of perfect sandy beaches and steep cliffs facing the crystal waters of… Read More

Cooking Classes for Guests of Tuscany Wedding

Couples who contact us to plan a destination wedding in Italy are always very passionate about everything Italy has to offer: this means not only the stunning locations and the works of art… Read More

Wedding in Tuscany in San Gimignano

Going to San Gimignano is like taking a time machine back to the 13th century: its 13 towers form a characteristic skyline – like medieval skyscrapers made of bricks and stone. Rachel and Neil got married in the frescoed Loggia of the municipal palace, an extraordinary background for a romantic wedding Read More

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Cocktail Table for Ravello Wedding

Have you ever thought to use wine barrels as decoration for your wedding? We are always in search of wedding ideas and inspiration for beautiful and stylish weddings. This year we have… Read More

Bride and groom getting married in Ravello

Every year we plan a number of weddings on the Amalfi Coast but some of them remain in our heart and mind for ages because of their beauty but most of all… Read More