An Exclusive Christmas

An Exclusive Christmas

This year too, our event planners gathered together to enjoy a lovely dinner before starting a well deserved Christmas Holiday after a summer full of successful events. There’s nothing better than staying at home with our families and kids after travelling a lot during the wedding planning season.

Martina is busy with kids at home, and getting organized to host her friends coming from Lake Como to spend a couple of days with her family.

Sara just bought a new house, so this Christmas instead of opening Christmas boxes, she will be packing and packing and packing stuff to bring in her new house.

Chiara with her fiancé yesterday left to go to NY! Lucky them!

Laura, busy as always, preparing some articles for the blog, looking after her 2 little girls, thinking about new strategies for 2013 and getting ready for a new member of the family, another baby girl, expected in February.

Me? I am ready to move into a new house at the beginning of the year, wondering how my life will change with the arrival of my first baby girl Teresa! I am over the moon!

The upcoming year looks very exciting, lots of amazing weddings in Tuscany, Lake Como, Rome and Amalfi Coast! We feel so blessed for the opportunity to continue to work so well together, like a big family.

Thank you again to all couples that used our services in 2012, for their touching testimonials… this really make worth every little sacrifice we do to plan a perfect event.

Thank you also to all couples that are putting their trust in our hands, to plan their wedding next year, we promise you the most relaxing and unforgettable experience.

To all of you Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 from me & the rest of team!

Our wedding planning team!
Martina & her daughter Sonia
Chiara and her fiancè Marco
Sara and her husband
Our dear friend Andrea and his wife Alla
Laura and her husband
Little Annamaria and Sonia, future event planners… who knows!
Laura and me. New babies on their way… Margherita and Teresa, we can’t wait to see you!

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