A new website for a new beginning

A new website for a new beginning

The last year and a half have been unusually quiet. A global pandemic stopped wedding events, but our creative minds couldn’t be stopped. We were more inspired than ever and we are proud to reveal our latest brand-new creation! A new website packed full of useful information and gorgeous images, a real feast for the eyes! There are so many novelties that we don’t even know where to start! So, let’s explore our website with us!

A new design

With simplicity and ease of use in mind, we planned with our web agency a restyling with a clean and elegant template, more focused on our contents and our events. Our website now shows a lot more images in higher resolution: we hope you enjoy our new photo galleries!


Talking about images, we have also added an entirely new section: the Portfolio with photos and videos of our weddings. We spent hours selecting events we love, carefully choosing the most inspiring images to show you all the little details that we take care of when we organize a destination wedding in Italy and the different styles and designs that we have created to make our couple’s visions come true. This section is entirely visual and gives more space to the gorgeous images of our photographers and videographers.


Italy’s varied territory never ceases to surprise us. From charming medieval villages to the unspoiled countryside scenery, from peaceful gardens by the lake to breathtaking seaside views, you never get tired of exploring! We are proud to introduce many new special venues selected by our wedding planners: Belmond Castello di Casole in Tuscany, Vinilia Wine Resort in Puglia, Abbazia La Cervara in Portofino, Villa La Rondinaia in Ravello, Villa Tre Ville in Positano, Villa Il Balbiano on Lake Como, and many other elegant villas, castles, masserias… Many beautiful alternatives to suit every couple’s needs and dreams: discover them in our updated Location section.


We have also fallen in love with a fantastic new destination: Sicily! So ancient and so elegant… Greek temples and baroque churches, fantastic venues by the sea or in the countryside with an authentic character and charm. Last but not least, Sicilian cuisine and its countless specialties: cannoli, cassata, arancini, pasta alla norma, caponata… If you are already imagining a Sicilian wedding, explore Sicily with us!


This is another entirely new section that we have developed with newly engaged couples in mind. Thinking about a destination wedding in Italy can be very exciting, but couples can also feel confused at first and think that they don’t even know where to start… To make your dreams come true takes lots of imagination, but also focusing on the right questions that will help you shape a clear picture of what you want for your big day. You can find many useful tips on the page Looking for advice?

Why you need an Italian Wedding Planner: find out why it is a good idea to rely on a wedding planner who is based locally, works with an extensive network of suppliers for any style, and has the right credentials.

Discover Italian Regions: explore the beautiful Italian regions with their climate, landscapes, attractions, cuisine… This guide lets you know more about each destination and its ins and outs, to find the perfect fit for your wedding in Italy.

Guide to Italian Wedding Venues: finding the perfect venue among hundreds of beautiful places is easier if you know the features of all the different types of venues. Should you choose an elegant villa or a romantic castle? A relaxed farmhouse or a luxury hotel? For each category, we give you 5 reasons why they can be the perfect choice for your big day.

Italian Wedding Ceremonies: the ceremony is the very core of your wedding day, the most powerful and touching moment. A couple should choose the type of ceremony that most reflects their beliefs and values. We have prepared a page with the types of ceremonies that can be performed in Italy.

Italian Wedding Menuhere you can discover more about Italian regional dishes, the courses of an Italian menu, the dos and don’ts in terms of food, the secrets of Italian wine, and why you should not limit yourself to the wedding day to enjoy Italian cuisine. This is without doubt the most mouth-watering page of the entire website!

We know that many couples are starting to make new plans for the future and, now that some travel restrictions have been lifted, they can dream of a destination wedding in Italy. We hope that our new website will inspire them and give them useful advice to make their dream come true. We are already excited about the idea of creating new and wonderful events! Our team of expert Italian wedding planners is always at your disposal, contact us today for a free consultation!


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