11.11.11 Wedding

11.11.11 Wedding

When we first talked to Sima over the phone it was October 12th, my assistant Chiara picked up her first call and to our surprise Sima was asking to organize her legally binding ceremony in Italy on November 11th 2011!

Oh yes, what a beautiful date, a unique date… but we had less than one month to discuss and finalize everything! It was a huge responsibility! Handling all paperwork was of course a priority but without knowing where the ceremony would take place it was almost a mission impossible!

Martina was the right person to handle this situation: she immediately got in touch with Sima and left her a few days to obtain some important information that could guarantee the possibility of getting married with such short notice. After a further couple of days the venue was selected and we also managed to secure the afternoon time preferred by Sima and Shane. Agreements were taken with the Embassy in Milan, who proved to be really reliable and collaborative as usual, and then quickly the smaller details like transfers, accommodations, flowers, dinner and more were finalized!

On November 2nd we secured their rooms. All original documents were sent to the embassy on the 3rd of November. On the same day flowers and hairdresser were confirmed. Sima and Shane received their wedding program later in the day. They bought their rings on November 4th  and took off on the 9th right after the last emails from the airport! The daily relationship established with our wedding planners was so wonderful and Martina and Chiara couldn’t wait to meet them in person.

On the 11.11.11 at 11.11am they were driving on the last bridge taking to the amazing city of Venice and took this picture!

Driving to Venice…

They quickly parked the car and enjoyed a nice walk till the hotel where the Bride and Groom were getting ready! The hotel was quite far from the parking area but it is always sooo pleasant to walk along the Venetian Calli!

Martina and Chiara walking in Piazzale Roma, Venice
Walking in Venice
Chiara studying a brochure
Studying the schedule of event

…and they were at the Hotel Bonvecchiati where they met this lovely couple Shane and Sima with Mrs Westley and Lucas! What special people, probably the most punctual couple we have ever met, ready one hour before the ceremony! Brilliant! They had some time to chat, get to know each other a bit better and tell funny stories about how crazy was this idea to get married in less than one month!

Meeting Sima at the Hotel Bonvecchiati Palace in Venice
We made it!
A glass of champagne… right before the ceremony

Sima and Shame are really in love with each other, you see this from their eyes when they look at each other, he is a real gentlemen and Sima is such an elegant and sophisticated but at the same time friendly person, they deserved a Special Day!

Walking to the town hall
Getting to the town hall of Venice
Last minute phone calls to providers
A family portrait before the ceremony

The ceremony was relaxed and intimate: Sima and Shane exchanged their vows and rings and it was a really moving moment!

Wedding ceremony in Venice town hall

A Photo service followed in the hall, outside on the small terrace with views over Rialto Bridge and then around Venice, in the most characteristic spots.

Supervising the photo session
Backstage of photo session
A sunny day… but so cold!

The day ended in an elegant Cafè right on the famous St Mark’s Square, where Champagne was served to everybody. It was a really memorable day, exactly what Sima and Shame expected, a small and intimate wedding with some of the beloved members of their family.

At the Café Florian after ceremony
Talking about the wedding day in Venice

Congratulations to Sima and Shame on their Wedding celebrated on 11.11.11  and we will see again each other on St Mark’s Square for your first anniversary!

Martina with the bride and groom

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