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Catholic Weddings in Castellina in Chianti

Church of San Salvatore, Castellina in Chianti  

Castellina, located in the Chianti region, is one of the most enchanting villages situated in the green hills of the Tuscan region. This antique village, its origins traced back to the Etruscan Age, is surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and a luxuriant vegetation that will make you feel the tranquillity and beauty of this dreaming location.

Church description

If you choose Castellina for your wedding, you will have a romantic catholic ceremony in the heart of the Chianti Region, in a delightful church located in the village centre. San Salvatore church was constructed in the Middle Ages, but during the second World War the building was destroyed and it was then reconstructed in Romanic style.


Inside you can admire a painting of the "Madonna and Child" of the XV century and many other interesting objects of historical interest.

An impressive staircase will accompany you to the church entrance.

About catholic weddings in Castellina

Getting married in Castellina Catholic church will give you the possibility of having your wedding celebrated by an English speaking priest who is very attentive to the couples needs. The Church has a modern organ with 40 pipes which will give to the ceremony a really solemn effect.


The impressive staircase will be just ideal to take nice pictures of all the wedding party and the little village streets around the church, perfect for a photo session.

Castellina in Chianti will leave you a memorable memory of your romantic Tuscan wedding.

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