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Civil Weddings in Verona

Civil wedding in Verona  

About civil weddings in Verona

Civil wedding ceremonies in the city of Verona are performed all year round, during the whole week, morning and afternoon, except festivities. Civil ceremonies are performed in Italian and translated into English by an English-speaking interpreter.

The ceremony lasts approximately 20 minutes and can be enriched with personal vows, readings, poems, and classical music. The couple needs to show up at the town hall to handle the formalities requested by the authorities before the ceremony. Your exact itinerary will depend on your citizenship and the documents you need to provide to get legally married: of course, our wedding planners will guide you every step of the way.

Venues description

Civil ceremonies in Verona are performed in different locations.

Palazzo Barbieri

In the beautiful Palazzo Barbieri, an elegant and centrally located building in Neo-classical style, it is possible to get married every first Saturday in the morning (first Saturday in the afternoon, first Sunday in the morning and all the other days on request). Weddings are celebrated in the “Arazzi Hall” (Tapestry Hall) of the Palazzo, the Municipality of Verona, next to the famous Arena.

Palazzo Barbieri for civil weddings in Verona  

Juliet's House

At Juliet's House civil weddings are celebrated every Monday morning. The Medieval residence, picturesquely restored by Antonio Avena in the early twentieth century, features a beautiful internal facade made of exposed bricks, a Gothic portal, trefoil windows, a balustrade that connects the various sections of the house from the exterior and, of course, the famous balcony.

Juliet's House for civil wedding in Verona  
Hall for civil ceremonies at Juliet's House in Verona  
Interior of Juliet's House in Verona  

Palazzo della Ragione

The Notary's Chapel, inside the Palazzo della Ragione, is another beautiful setting for a civil ceremony in Verona. This is an amazing historical building located in the heart of town with a wonderful frescoed chapel where wedding ceremonies are celebrated.

The majestic Palazzo is located in the southeast corner of the ancient Roman Forum between Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, and was erected in the last years of the 12th century to host the Offices of the Magistrate’s Court. Throughout the centuries it became an important political center and housed in its big rooms the Notary’s College, the Silk Customs Offices, the Tax Offices, the Savings Bank and the Law Court. Weddings are celebrated on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings (all the other days on request).

Cappella dei Notai for civil ceremony in Verona  

Juliet's Tomb

At Juliet's Tomb weddings are celebrated every Thursday and Saturday morning (for all the other days and in the afternoon on request) weddings are performed in the beautiful “Sala Guarienti”, a lovely hall decorated with Neo-Classical frescoes and a beautiful fireplace. The hall can host up to 40 people. Lovely setting.

A number of Villas also have the permit to celebrate the civil ceremony onsite.

Civil ceremony at Sala Guarienti in Verona (Juliet's Tomb)  
Civil wedding in Verona  
Bridal couple in Verona  
Newlyweds kissing in Verona  
Shakespeare's statue in Verona  
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