Jewish Wedding in Italy: Traditions and Ideas

Jewish Wedding in Italy: Traditions and Ideas

In my previous post about Jewish weddings in Italy I told you about the best venues and locations, today I want to share with you some ideas and inspiration for a Jewish ceremony and reception. A Jewish wedding rite is rich of symbols and traditions and there are many possibilities to personalize them with creativity. Here are some of the most refined ideas.

Jewish Wedding: the Ketubah

The ketubah is the marriage agreement stating the rights and responsibilities of the groom in relation to the bride. It is a tradition that all the objects of a Jewish wedding should be made as beautiful as possible, and the ketubah is no exception. These precious ketubot from the Jewish communities of Ancona, Mantua and Ferrara are decorated with elaborate miniatures and date back to the 18th and 19th century. These ancient decorations with stylized motives can be an inspiration for your own ketubah.

Antique Italian Ketubot

Ideas for your Ketubah

Today the ketubah is signed by two witnesses and read out loud under the chuppah, then it is handed to the bride and often hung at home as a keepsake of the wedding day. It is often painted or embellished with papercut designs.

Jewish Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is the symbol of never ending love and it is placed by the groom on the index finger of the bride: it was believed that a vein connected this finger directly with the heart, thus the ring symbolize the bond between the hearts of bride and groom.

Other Ideas for your Jewish Wedding

I am in love with this silhouette cake-topper with the bridal couple under the chuppah and the tiny glass ready to be crushed under the groom’s foot.

Keepsakes for your Jewish Wedding

Italian Jewish Cuisine

Jewish traditions have left their imprint also in the Italian culinary culture. Why not incorporate some of the traditional Italian recipes of Jewish origin into the wedding reception?

Check also our Guide to Italian Wedding Menus for other ideas for your wedding banquet or welcome dinner. Another source of inspiration are the Italian traditions for the wedding day.

I hope you enjoyed this article full of suggestions for your Jewish Wedding in Italy, if you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me for more details and ideas.


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