Jewish Wedding in Italy: Top Venues

Jewish Wedding in Italy: Top Venues

If you are thinking of a location for your Jewish wedding, Italy is a country with a deep rooted Jewish culture and tradition: it is possible to organize a Jewish ceremony in an ancient synagogue or in exclusive venues in the most beautiful cities. Rome, Florence, Venice and many other cities are perfect locations for a wonderful Jewish wedding and allow you to enjoy the best that Italy has to offer.

Jewish Wedding in Venice Synagogue

Venice hosted in past centuries many different Jewish communities, all of them were compelled to live in a district called the Ghetto: this word is now used worldwide but its origin is in Venice.

Each community in Venice had its own synagogue, they date back to the 16th and 17th century and all still exist in the Venice Ghetto: the Scola Spagnola (for Spanish and Portuguese communities, the largest in Venice), the Scola Levantina (Levantine or Sefardi Synagogue, the second largest), the Scola Grande Tedesca (German Synagogue), the Scola Italiana (Italian Synagogue). The fifth Synagogue, Scola Canton, is the smallest and was built for the private use of four Venetian families.

Outdoor Jewish Wedding in Venice

If you prefer an outdoor ceremony, this can be organized by the seaside in the garden of an exclusive hotel. These pictures are from a fabulous Jewish wedding I planned in Venice: the gorgeous chuppah was decorated with hundreds of white and pale pink roses.

Jewish Wedding in Florence Synagogue

The Great Synagogue of Florence is also called Tempio Maggiore and was built in the 18th century in the Moorish revival style. Its large arches and solemn dome are exquisitely decorated with elaborate designs and motives, mosaics and frescoes.

Jewish Wedding in Tuscan Castle

This magnificent chuppah decorated with greenery and white roses was set up in the courtyard of the Castle of Vincigliata near Florence: a fairy tale venue for a Jewish wedding!
jewish-wedding-in-italy-castle-tuscany-7jewish-wedding-in-italy-castle-tuscany-1jewish-wedding-in-italy-castle-tuscany-3jewish-wedding-in-italy-castle-tuscany-2More pictures of this event are available in this article.

Jewish Wedding in Rome

The Jewish community of Rome is the oldest in Europe (more than 2000 years old) dating back to the 2nd century BC. The Great Synagogue of Rome, called Tempio Maggiore, was built in eclectic style near the Tiber river at the beginning of the 20th century. Its characteristic square dome can be seen from a great distance.

Rome, Florence and Venice are the main Jewish communities in Italy, however, your choice is not limited to these cities if you wish to celebrate your Jewish wedding in Italy. There are many refined venues where we can help you organize a stunning outdoor ceremony: ancient castles and elegant villas. I recommend in particular the following venues.
Castello di Vincigliata, Tuscany (update: not available for the seasons 2022 and 2023)

Villa di Maiano, Tuscany
Florence villa for wedding receptions
Hotel Cipriani, Venice
hotel cipriani venice
Villa Cimbrone, Amalfi Coast
Jewish wedding in Ravello

Don’t hesitate to contact our wedding planners for further information about the best options for a Jewish Wedding in Italy.


Image Credits: David Bastianoni ©, Carlo Carletti ©, Museo Ebraico, Tassotto & Max ©, Wikimedia, Museo Ebraico di Roma, Giornata della Cultura Ebraica.


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