Eco-friendly weddings in Italy

Eco-friendly weddings in Italy

WE LOVE GREEN: Quick guide to your eco-friendly wedding in Italy!

Everybody cares about having a healthy life, that’s a fact! Being that our health depends most of all on how and where we live, we are becoming everyday more concerned about our impact on the environment.

Day by day we try to make anything we can to preserve planet heart by recycling, using public transportation and so on but do we think about it even when we are planning our wedding? Is it really possible to arrange the best day of a couple’s life being respectful of our planet? The answer is yes!

There are plenty of possibilities if you choose a green way to organize your wedding and more and more couples are choosing it! It’s a very popular trend! If you’re thinking about an eco friendly wedding but you have no idea where to begin have a look at Exclusive Italy wedding planners tips to make your wedding as green as possible:

Let’s share with your guests your passion for the environment from the start! Make them aware of your green choice by inviting them to your wedding in a green way by using the net! This method may be not suitable to your old grandma to whom you can reserve a more traditional hand-written invitation on recycled paper but we are sure your friends will appreciate invitations by e-cards and they will be pleased to follow your planning on the website you created for your wedding!


Choose a Green Dress (that doesn’t mean a lawn coloured gown unless you desire it!). You can either look for some organic clothing manufacturers (they are not so difficult to find) or ask your mother to borrow you her dress or to come with you to a vintage shop. Once there she will be glad to help you getting a bargain as every mom holds such a sway over shop assistants!

Get Green Wedding Rings avoiding gold and diamonds (unless you don’t make sure they are certified environmentally friendly products) but not renouncing to a beautiful design ring made of alternative metals and jewels or choosing a family heirloom!

Choose the right Eco friendly Wedding Venue! Italy has a great natural environment and it offers lots of magnificent eco chic settings for your wedding.

Eco-friendly Wedding in Tuscany

If you like the Tuscan hills you have a long list to choose from: A good example is the enchanting farmhouse Podere agli Ulivi that welcomes its guests in the unpolluted countryside near Prato; in this fabulous farm you can get married among olive trees and have lunch on the lawn. You can also consider to get married in a charming Farmhouse near Siena where you can taste the very best of the Tuscan homemade cuisine served in a recently renovated 14th century edifice.

Eco-friendly Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

If you prefer the seaside the sunny Amalfi coast hosts some green venues suitable to you: in Ravello there is a  Mediterranean Villa that invites its guests to visit its botanical garden where vegetable are grown naturally so that you can be sure that what you eat is completely wholesome! The plus of this venue is the enchanting setting that offers for wedding ceremonies that are celebrated outdoors in a refined garden.

Another wonderful property in Southern Italy is located in Sorrento, a lovely farmhouse that produces organic products directly.

In Sorrento the staff of Restaurant Da Piero entertains kids and grownups in the farm where animals live charily taken care of.

But these are just a few locations of a long list of Restaurants, Country Houses, Vineyard estates, Bed and Breakfasts, Farm holidays and Villas you can choose from.

Of course we can recommend the best venues according to you and your beloved one’s needs. Everyone of the venues we propose offers local, fresh and tasty food and everyone does its best to satisfy every request of the guests.

Have a look at this brilliant example of eco friendly menu:

Vegan Menu 

Hors d’ Oeuvre
Tomato Salad
Roulade of eggplant with cherry tomatoes, rocket salad and balsamic vinegar
“Caponata Style” whole wheat biscuits with Mixed vegetables in olive oil with cherry tomatoes
Grilled Vegetables
Salad of celery and olives
Mushrooms and Artichokes grilled
Mixed Bruschetta with Cherry tomatoes and Aubergines
Avocado Sald
Braised Artichokes

Meal Course
Risotto with Mushrooms
Risotto with Mixed Vegetables
Home Made Gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce and basil
Pasta with Courgettes;
Pasta with Basil Pesto
Pasta with Eggplants
Fried Artichokes 

Side Orders
Mixed Salad
Green Salad
Salad Tomato and Rocket
Potato Croquettes
Fresh French Fries
Steamed Vegetables

 Dishes are prepared with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Another great tip is to use fruit and vegetables for centrepieces creating edible table decorations!

 Thinking about flowers the choice is easy: choosing in season local flowers organically grown is the greener option!

The perfect wedding favors for an eco chic wedding are handmade: the best option to express your creative talent that lies somewhere inside of you! You can package customized olive oil mini bottles or tree seed sachets with personalized planting instructions… We are sure you’ll find also interesting our past article about favors

Another lovely idea are customized soaps… all natural with organic products without any chemical preservatives, parabens or synthetic fragrances…

You may also make a donation to your favorite environmental charity in lieu of favors. You can print details of the donation on a recycled paper, like these scrolls from Plant a Bloomer.

Of course the stationery, from invitations as we mentioned before to save the date, menus and place-cards will be printed – or better hand written – on recycled  or tree-free paper. In particular talking about place cards we simply adore the idea of using books as a tableau with personalized bookmarks as place cards that guests can bring home as a favour!

Organizing a wedding that isn’t polluting is an attractive idea to more couples. The choice of eco-friendly products and services is growing, giving the bride and groom a wide range of options. Whatever you choose, be cheerful and sensitive to planet earth’s needs! Know that when you look back on your wedding day it could have been an happy day not just for you but even for the planet!

Contact me for special ideas on how to create a special eco-friendly wedding in Italy.


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