Italian wedding favors ideas for your wedding

Italian wedding favors ideas for your wedding

Italian Favor boxes are a tradition that originated many centuries ago in France and Italy. The Italian word “Bomboniera” (favor) comes from the French “Bombonnière” that was a precious small box made of crystal or porcelain containing sugar sweets. In that era, sugar was considered a really expensive delicacy and was thought to have medical properties. When sugar became more affordable, the sweets were substituted by almonds and in the thirteenth century almonds coated with sugar, the modern “confetti”, were introduced.

In Renaissance the precious box with confetti was considered a good omen: in Italy the new engaged couple used to exchange a box with confetti during the engagement party and in 1574 the Queen Elizabeth I received a sweetmeat box as good omen for the newcoming year.

Today, gifts to guests are known as wedding favors and have become an important part of the wedding reception. These small boxes or gifts are accompanied by five sugared almonds which symbolize fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. Wedding favors are diverse and most of times recall the theme, the place or the color scheme of the wedding. They can be small elegant boxes, silver picture frames, candles, special objects and each of them can be personalized with the couple’s names or initials and wedding date.

Here are some examples of modern wedding favor:

Sometimes a wedding favor can recall the couple itself. In this case the theme of love and Black/White colors, which symbolize respectively groom and bride, become the protagonists!

A destination wedding is a wonderful experience for both spouses and guests, it turns out to be a beautiful vacation for everybody. Exclusive Italy Weddings planners recommend something typical of the area, something that can be brought home as a souvenir of the event and the place that hosted it.

Food, wine, coffee and handmade china are only some of the most famous Italian souvenirs.

Italy is a beautiful country with such different realities, from the antique and unique Venice to the romantic lakes, from the colored Riviera to the eternal city of Rome, from the Tuscan countryside with its fields of olive trees to the breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast… Each area has its own history and its own typical products that your wedding planner would be happy to show you! An Italian favor would be really appreciated by your guests who can bring home a piece of our history and tradition… and why not… of their vacation!

Venice Wedding favors

Venice is famous for its masks and glass creations.

Tuscany Wedding Favors

Tuscany is characterized by its fields of olive trees, what’s better of a bottle of olive oil and a small bag with cantucci cookies?

Amalfi Coast Wedding Favors

Bright colors, blue sea and fresh lemons! The Limoncello liquor of the Amalfi Coast is famous all around the world! This is the perfect favor for your guests!

Limoncello bottles wedding favors

Welcome Baskets for Wedding Guests

A beautiful surprise for your guests is the WELCOME BASKET or BAG, this is something that we can organize and contains some of the most famous local products such as pasta, olive oil, wine or tomato sauce and an useful brochure with touristic info about places to see and a culinary deliciousness not to be missed!

Welcome basket

A wedding favor is an appreciated souvenir and an original gift to thank your guests for coming: ask your Italian wedding planner for some suggestions, it will be an unexpected favor for everybody!



This is a beautiful post and I am a big, big fan having gifts on weddings I attend. It’s the best idea to make memorable your special day – make homemade personalised wedding favour.

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