Child-friendly Italian wedding venues

Child-friendly Italian wedding venues

Children are adorable and unpredictable, they are often part of a wedding party and we have to do everything we can to make them feel comfortable with what is going on. Exclusive Italy Wedding Planners are not only experienced and talented Designers but above all mothers of small children. For this reason, we never underestimate the role of babies and kids in the events we plan.

Children getting ready for a wedding
Lovely flower girl
Don’t be shy… they are just kissing! :)

Bride and Groom decide if they want to include children or not. Yes, it is their decision and everybody must respect it. It isn’t proper etiquette to have your instructions printed on the invitations, therefore we recommend that Bride and Groom kindly inform their guests, personally, about their decision of allowing children or not.

When we plan our Weddings we ask our couples to inform us if there are children attending, and we always ask names and ages to better understand their needs: high chairs, child-care, room with facilities, special menus, and special entertainment may be necessary. All our events are customized and we look into this very carefully, since indeed large families – and large groups in particular – often bring many children. But even if it is a matter of having a few of them, they deserve all our attention.

Keep them busy with something they like
Children, they deserve all our love and attention
Always help them… to reach their goals! :)
Being a flower girl… a very important moment
Looking for the hidden treasure
It is so easy to make them happy!

Every wedding is a unique Day, a truly special day that must be fully enjoyed and this is possible if children receive the attention they deserve, play an appropriate part for their age and find a welcoming atmosphere and a suitable area where they can simply be children.

Here are some of the things we recommend:

  1. Children’s Table. On a Children’s table crayons, white sheets of paper, and books are a must. They can be accompanied by many other interesting things such as toys, stuffed animals, Lego puzzle, air balloons, bubbles, and more. Sweets and candies should not be available from the beginning to avoid that kids eat them all prior to the meal, ignoring genuine food!  A funny table will definitely keep them seated for a long while after they have had their favourite food. This will make it easier for them to wait for the dessert!
  1. Kid’s menu. This is another important aspect to be discussed with all parents. Parents know exactly what their kids love to eat, carefully pass their instructions to your Wedding Planner. Italian cuisine offers many alternatives. Here is a sample Children menu:

     Mozzarella and Ham
    Pasta with tomatoes
    Chicken cutlet and French fries
    Ice cream

    Beverages: water and soft drinks

  2. Assistance. If you have a group of children on a table, assign them a Helper, who can be a member of the wedding party or someone your Wedding Planner can hire locally. They will keep an eye on them or hang out and play with them. And of course make sure that there is NO escape route out into the pool, car park, road, elevators, etc.!
  3. Clothes. Children must eat, run around, play, dance, and get wet or dirty. Parents should always bring a change of clothes to allow their kids the freedom to do what they like without the fear of ruining nice clothes.
  4. Spontaneity. Don’t force kids to play a role like walking down the aisle (or bringing rings or throwing petals) if they don’t want to. There is always a way to turn all this into a nice game to do together with an adult! It won’t be perfect but it will probably be cute and entertaining.  They will surprise everybody!
  5. Rest. Depending on the age of kids and the time of ceremony and banquet, always remember they might fall asleep or need a nap. Our Wedding Planners will recommend the right solution according to the venue selected and the age of the children.
A little nap while adults are having fun
Looking wild horses run
Waiting for the bride… we are very excited!

Selecting the right venue for your banquet, when many children are attending is of vital importance. We suggest avoiding historical cities, exclusive and formal restaurants, or too sophisticated villas or palaces. Better choosing the countryside or castles and villas with private parks. Most of our banquet venues are child-friendly. Here are some of our lovely child-friendly venues, anyway your Wedding Planner can recommend more!

Private properties with gardens are good playgrounds for “Capture the Flag” or “Blind man’s buff”!

  1. Villa Cimbrone, Ravello
  2. Villa Eva, Ravello
  3. Hotel Caruso, Ravello

Most of the venues around the Tuscan countryside would be perfect for a wedding with many children!

  1. Villa di Maiano, Florence
  2. Castle Il Palagio, Chianti
  3. Villa Ulignano, San Gimignano
  4. Castello di Meleto

We welcome families with children and will provide all the help to create the right environment. All in all, be patient with children, let them experience what they like most, get dirty and happy, keeping an attentive and loving eye on them. This is the secret!

Have fun with them… this is the secret!

For more information on child-friendly venues in Italy, do not hesitate to contact us.


Image Credits: Cristiano Ostinelli ©.



Please can you send me some information on places that accommodate a small wedding of between 20-40 people with approx 11 of them being children ages 5-14.
We are open to options as we are struggling to find a place that has activities for children or the possibilities to. We love the idea of a vineyard setting and we are looking to get married in July 2017.
Thank you

I am looking for advice in a family friendly hotel on the amalfi coast that is fairly priced. Apx 50 guests with max 10 children ages 1-10

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