Castles for a Wedding in Italy

Do not miss the opportunity to get married in an Italian Castle.

Castles are strategically located on top of hills in the countryside or just out of main cities mostly built during the Middle Ages. Some were fortified residences of lords or noble families, others were defensive structures to control the area immediately surrounding them. Thanks to their position nowadays castles offer a heavenly setting for an exclusive and romantic wedding day surrounded by history, majesty and comfort.

Castle Wedding Venues

We can recommend some enchanting Castles in Tuscany, there are some amazing ones just out of the city of Florence, incredible Castles in Apulia are ideal for large wedding and majestic Castles in Italian Riviera offer unique settings for your Italian celebration. Italian Castles are a fabulous backdrop to frame a fairytale, perfect Italian wedding.


Marrying in an Italian Castle means entering magical and atmospheric rooms and halls with original three-foot thick walls, furniture and paintings, feeling like a King and Queen. The events we organize in a Castle are always a magical and thrilling experience that give your guests memories to last a lifetime.


The original beauty of the castles we work with is preserved by careful yearly restorations and perfectly combines with modern comforts. Some castles offer accommodations on their grounds, others can be rented for one day. All guests will surely appreciate the warm welcome and will be overwhelmed from the first minute they start living this experience.

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