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Weddings in Rome at St. Peter's Basilica and Parish Church of Vatican

The love a couple shares is a sacramental sign and there is no better place where to celebrate a union than the cradle of Roman Catholicism, the Italian Capital city: the Eternal Rome. Getting married inside the Vatican City will make you feel the embracement of Christ and the Catholic faith and a concentration of hundreds of history inside the ancient walls of this ecclesiastical state where official documents of the Holy See are still issued mainly in Latin. Within the territory of Vatican City there are beautiful Vatican Gardens that date back to medieval times and are decorated with fountains and sculptures. Ancient stone walls surround the city in the North, South and West.

The churches inside the Vatican City

St. Peter's Basilica

The well-known St. Peter’s Basilica is a late Renaissance Church that is considered one of the holiest Catholic sites in the world. Apart from being famous for pilgrimage, it is possible to obtain a permission for a Catholic Wedding for non residents inside one of the Chapels of the Basilica. Catholic weddings usually are allowed in the Choir Chapel of the side chapels that is quite large, holding up to 100 guests. Exact rules limit the number of weddings per year and a personal letter written by the couple and their priest is the first step to be done to specifically request a date. 

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome  

Sant'Anna Church known as the Parish Church

The other lovely church inside the Vatican City is the church of St. Anna, known also as the Parish church of the Vatican, the first church you come across after entering the Vatican City from the famous Porta Angelica. The church of S. Anna is a church dedicated to St. Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is definitely easier to obtain the permission for a Catholic Wedding inside this Church since there are not specific restrictions and dates can be booked well in advance. English speaking priests are available, floral decorations and music are allowed. Being a bit separated from the most touristic areas of the Vatican, this church offers a more intimate and warm atmosphere. This Church is also famous for being a masterpiece among Vignola's buildings on an elliptic plan with a dome over it.

St. Anne church for Catholic weddings in Rome  
Catholic wedding at St. Anne Vatican church  
Catholic wedding in Rome Vatican  

About catholic weddings inside the Vatican

A Catholic Wedding in this holy city is a strong attraction for couples wishing to get married in Rome for its unique setting and beautiful surroundings.

Rules are quite strict but with our expert assistance the dream of getting married inside the Vatican can definitely come true. We will assist you step by step while you collect the paperwork to guarantee you arrive prepared for your wedding day.

We are able to organize a Catholic wedding in the Church of St. Anna in a few months while if you want to get married inside the St Peter's Basilica we need to start the procedure at least one year and a half before the wedding because it is necessary to forward a request and then wait a few months to receive the approval.

Bride and groom at St. Peter's colonnade  
Bridal couple at St. Peter's Square in Rome  
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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
Italy Office  +39 0432 913513


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