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Caireen and Martyn, wedding in Amalfi

Caireen & Martyn

Amalfi, July 22nd 2010.


Hi Martina


I really wanted to get in contact with you first! We returned from Italy on Friday afternoon and then we have been packing up our house over the weekend so that everything could be moved to Germany today. It has been a stressful last few days!


BUT none of that is important now because I have to try to sum up our sincere gratitude for the amazing wedding day that you organised for us. Everything was perfect and I mean everything. It exceeded my expectations and I know that they can be high at times. Everyone has said it is a wedding that they will never see repeated; some of our relatives say they felt like millionaires for the day. I honestly cannot describe how elated we were with everything that you did for us.


Mrs Mirella and her sister were both fantastic. The hair for all of us was perfect. Mrs Giovanna was absolutely amazing and what a special woman. She made Martyn and I feel so welcome in Amalfi. I have her home address because I would like to send her a letter when we are settled in Germany.


Do you have an address for Father John? He invited us out for an afternoon but amongst all the chaos of the wedding we lost his contact numbers. I tried to leave a letter at the Hotel Luna to be passed to him but the receptionist strongly advised against this and suggested I get in contact with you for such information.


Massimo's pictures are fantastic; we are really pleased with how they turned out. Martyn and I travelled to Amalfi on the Tuesday to collect them.


The reception venue staff were amazing - so attentive at all times. We are especially grateful to Mr Salvatore. What a gentleman andhe was so helpful and accommodating in everything that he did. The only criticism our guests had was that they wished the evening could have lasted longer. If that's the only criticism then I'm happy as I'm sure you will be!


Honestly Martina, I am so grateful to you and all the work that you put in to our big day. Believe me when I say that everything was perfect.


I took your gift all the way over to Italy and in the midst of rushing out of the hotel room on the afternoon of the wedding I did not lift it. This is not a problem though because I am going to sed it by post/courier to your office in Italy. I'll drop you an e-mail to let you know when to expect its arrival.


Martyn and I will gladly add to your testimonial page. I will have this done by next Monday at the latest. I'm flying out to Germany tomorrow morning but I'm returning to my parent's on Sunday morning for one week before I move to Germany on a permanent basis on August 15th.

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