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Terri-Lynn and Marek, civil wedding in Venice

Terri & Marek | Venice

Venice, May 18th 2012.


Hi Sara,


Not a day has gone by since Marek and I have been home that I haven't thought of you. I am so very sorry that this letter is so late. To tell you that things have been very, very busy around here does not seem like a good enough reason. It would take all day to catch you up!


Most importantly, I am writing this letter now. Sara, I don't know where to begin to thank you for everything you did for us. Our wedding day was a completely unforgettable day and you are a big part of why it was so special. Everything was absolutely perfect! It was like a dream come true for us. The planning and special attention to detail was fantastic!! As you are aware my grandparents were born in Italy, so it has always been a dream of mine to visit. For Marek and I to also marry in Venice was an absolute dream come true!! It is such a beautiful country! Our wedding day was just perfect. The day was beautiful... it didn't rain!


I have to say Sara that meeting you was such a breath of fresh air. Like most brides on their wedding day, I was a little nervous. When you came to my hotel room that morning, you definitely calmed me down. I felt like I was with a friend, because as you know Marek and I went to Italy alone. It was so wonderful to meet you and have you share our day with us. You are such a sweet person and I was so happy to meet you after so many months of planning. You exceeded our expectations. Planning a wedding in another country... to say the least, can cause a lot of trepidation. But you made it so easy and you were so prompt with responding to our emails and concerns. Having you take care of our special day made our day wonderful! Also, meeting Carlo, Bruna and Elena was great! Carlo did such a great job on my hair! I think it took him a whole 2 min. LOL! Bruna fixed my nails after I promptly ruined a couple as I was leaving the salon. (it was funny). They were very kind to me and it meant a great deal to me. Elena did my make-up and I wish she could make me look like that everyday!! haha... Everyone was outstanding and it was so comforting especially being from another country.


Our pictures turned out wonderful! The photographer took fabulous photos! We have a couple with you in them. It is nice because every time I look at your picture I smile. I will never forget all that you had done for us to make our wedding day so special. It is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. I will never forget you Sara and hopefully if we go back to Italy, we can go for a nice dinner. I hope that you are doing well and enjoying your beautiful country! I am sure you are having tons of fun with that little man of yours! Enjoy your son, they grow up so fast!! Jordan will be 16 soon! Can you believe that? He is going to want to take my car! (oh no!) Well, I am going to go outside and enjoy the nice weather we are having! Take care of yourself!!!


Terri and Marek (Canada)

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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
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