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Special Decors and Design for Weddings in Italy

Flower decorations for wedding ceremony in Ravello  

How to render your wedding day unique, stylish, and unforgettable? You will certainly need the supervision of an event planner that will accompany you along the planning and organization of your wedding. The latest trend is to hire a wedding designer for your very special and memorable day. The Event designer gives you ideas, suggestions, and examples of the fashion in vogue, listens to your desires, and makes them come true. Tell your wedding designer what theme you would like to have at your wedding and he/she will suggest and show you all the best options available in the wedding decoration field. Your personal designer, in respect of your budget, will show you how to make the best of it, creating a personalized event for your special needs.


If you need suggestions for your Italian wedding decor, the event planner will be there to take you by hand to explore the infinite world of floral decorations and accessories, for all the different settings of the wedding, for the ceremony and for the reception, will give you innovative ideas and creations for the bridesmaids and relatives, for the groom and bestman. They will show you what amazing arrangements can be done with simple flowers and what fantastic scenographies can be created. Italian wedding decor takes the best of the flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding, to create a symphony of colors and textures that combines perfectly with your wedding venue. The mixture of colors that enhances the wedding theme chosen by the bride and groom, the contemporary and classic concepts, the right combination of accessories to render the whole atmosphere as magical and romantic as ever, the correct use of illumination and tea lights and candles, scents and perfumed pout pourri spread around the ceremony or reception area, all this will be possible with the help of your event designer.


Do you have a wedding theme in mind? Just inform our wedding designer of what atmosphere you would like to recreate at your wedding and she/he will transform a normal standard setting into a moroccan lounge, for example, with lanterns, low tables, and curtains for your aperitif or after dinner entertainment or in whatever scenery you prefer. Your personal event designer studies the venue in order to suggest the most suitable decors and accessories, the perfect theme and scenery. Italian wedding themes and decorations are inspired by the masterpieces of Italian painters like this Renaissance-themed wedding, or by Italian traditions and craftmanship like this rehearsal dinner with Sicilian majolicas or this welcome event with Apulian tambourines.

You don't know what could make your wedding day special? Put yourself in the hands of an event designer and you will quickly find out how nice it is to be taken care of, with a professional and specialized person ready to give you full assistance and constantly new ideas for your wedding day. Our team works on individuality and personalization, every event is tailor-made to every single couple's needs.

Flower decorations for wedding reception in Tuscany  
Marquee for wedding reception at Il Borro  
Wedding cocktail at Il Borro  

Floral decorators

To have a successful event, means choosing the floral decorations that most enrich the ceremony, the reception venue and of course the bride's dress. The flower theme is essential to start planning the type of decorations for the ceremony, for the reception and choosing the right colour and shape for the bride's bouquet. Our floral designers / decorators will help you with the choice of the floral arrangements, there are so many varieties and accessories can de added to enrich the decorations.


Nowadays practically almost all flowers are available all year round, but they won't be the same as the flowers chosen in the right season. Select your wedding date also thinking of what flowers will bloom in that period. How lovely to be able to have fresh and seasonal flowers for your very special day! You can have bouquets for the bridesmaids or corsages and brooches for the mothers and hair bands or small baskets with petals for the flower girls.


Flowers are such an important element for the wedding success, the decoration of the tables gives to the reception that fresh, elegant look and a perfumed scent will pervade the romantic atmosphere of this unique day. Another essential detail is the bridal bouquet, picking the nuance and finding the ideal shape, it will give the perfect touch to a successful wedding.


Your personal wedding designer will assist you in making your floral decorations distinctive and personalized, following your special requirements and to your personal taste. How exciting!

Wedding ceremony in the gardens of Villa Pizzo on Lake Como  
Wedding cocktail in a garden on Lake Como  
Wedding banquet on Lake Como at Villa Pizzo  
Flowers for wedding reception on a terrace with sea view  
Flowers for wedding ceremony in Tuscany Castiglion del Bosco  
Decorations for wedding reception at Castiglion del Bosco in Tuscany  
Flowers for welcome dinner on a terrace overlooking the sea in Ravello  
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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
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