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Sherrie and Richard, wedding in Capri

Sherrie & Richard | Capri

Capri Island, May 25th 2008.


Dearest Martina,


We are more than happy to wholeheartedly provide a testimonial about our experience with you! Given the opportunity to do it again, we would jump at the chance to have you plan for us. Not only did the details of the wedding turn out delightfully, but the months of planning leading up to it were so pleasant with your help. Your creativity; composure and efficiency; optimism and friendliness; wisdom based on your experience; and frequent emails, updates, and assurances; helped allay our anxieties before the wedding and contributed to the divine experience we had on the blessed day.


Beginning with the rehearsal dinner at da Paolino's - it was certainly one of the highlights of the whole weekend: the enchanted, lush setting and the delicious, decadent food... even our most discriminating guests still rave about that night's food and setting.


And then our wedding day at the luxurious and refined Capri Palace... where do we start? The flowers were so fragrant and gorgeous--the unique centerpieces I envisioned were executed exactly as I had imagined. Michele and his wife, the photographers, were so warm, attentive, and creative--they listened so intently to what we desired. The officiant you also recommended was everything you promised she would be: her wedding message was profound and poignant. One of our guests even asked her for a copy of her message!


Anacapri was astonishing and awe-inspiring in its beauty and serenity. Of course, you were absolutely right in recommending the Prive over the terrace I had originally selected. Nunzia, the coordinator at the hotel, was extremely efficient and helpful, remaining the whole night to assist and meet our needs. With the Michelin-starred chef preparing our reception dinner, the food was delectable and elegant.


And finally, our boating trip around the island and to the Blue Grotto the following day was an inspired way to finish off our wedding weekend: having relaxed fun with friends in the summer sun coasting along the crystal-clear azzurra water. Apparently, the French say that once you see Capri, you can die happy--and we couldn't disagree! Having our once-in-a-lifetime wedding there was exquisite and enchanting because of your help! Grazie mille, Martina!!!!


I only wish you had been there with us on our special day to see the magic you created for us firsthand. You created a transcendent day for us to cherish the rest of our lives.
All Our Best,


Sherrie and Richard Kim

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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
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