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Rebecca and Jeffrey, Cinque Terre wedding

Rebecca & Jeffrey

Manarola (Cinque Terre), September 12th 2006.

Dear Martina,

Well, we returned from Italy late last week. Despite our lost luggage, everything else was very enjoyable. 

I want to express our appreciation for the great efforts you made to help recover our delayed luggage. It was certainly not part of the deal but the effort will be remember and recited for a lifetime. We cannot thank you enough.

Both our hostess in Manarola and you were most helpful and thought nothing about going beyond the call of duty. Much thanks.

And as fate would have it, our wedding in Manarola was much more magical than what would have been in Vernazza. Funny how things work out. Don't get me wrong, Vernazza and watchtower are beautiful but the local feeling I was looking for was more felt in Manarola. Vernazza was much more tourist ridden that I had expected. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I wanted a more intimate setting. Which is exactly what we got in Manarola.

Thank you for being flexible and thank the others as well.

I don't know if you have spoken with Helena or Mr. Rolando but it was quite quaint. It had rained a bit earlier that day so most of the daytrippers had gone. A group of local ladies gather in the small square just beneath our apartment and as we emerged, threw rice.

Mr. Andreani was extraordinary. Although I am curious as to when I might receive the photo package. Anyway, he was creative and friendly. I would get married all over again.

Please tell Helena, Mr. Rolando and Mr. Andreani that I am happy they were assigned to my wedding. They were all fabulous and will always remember them. They felt more like wedding guests than coordinators.

I have not spoken to Laura Frappa since the beginning of this process. Please express to her my gratitude and joy. Also make sure she know what a valuable asset you are. There is so much I wish to say but I know I can never really express one's wedding day. We could not be more pleased. We only wish we had stayed in Cinque Terre for 2-3 more days. It will always be such a special place to us.

Again tell everyone hello. Oh yeah and let me know when we might expect our wedding photo package.

Thanks again Martina. For everything!

Thank you,

Rebecca Whetzel

Salt Lake City, USA

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