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Fiona and Steven, civil wedding in Positano

Fiona & Steven | Positano

Positano, July 12th 2012.


Hi Martina, 

Thank you for your kind wishes.
Sorry for the late reply, we only arrived back home on Sunday and I have so many emails in my other account that it won't let me send any until I go through them and delete them, so I decided to use this account instead! This email is about the day itself and our thoughts on each service, but if you like, I would be happy to send you a less detailed review for your website for other people to see? I would love to let everyone know how amazing you all are and what a positive experience we have had.


We had the most amazing time in Positano and many of our guests are planning a return trip because they enjoyed it so much!! The views were amazing and we couldn't stop taking pictures! It was strange being in the place that we have looked at online for so long!
It was so good having a detailed itinerary of what we had to do in the run up to the wedding and what was happening on the day itself. We met with all of the people that you had arranged (car service, hotel and bar) and everyone was so friendly and helpful.


When we visited the hotel I handed over the table settings and decorations that my family and friends had made and it was so lovely to arrive there on the big day and see everything the way I had imagined. We didn't have to worry about anything, it had all been arranged and the staff in the hotel looked after us all wonderfully. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone else having a wedding. 


The hairdressers that you recommended were amazing! The girls appointments were at 11:30 and mine was meant to be at 2pm but I just went with them in the morning to see if they could start on my hair a little earlier. I was a little worried that I wouldn't have much time afterwards to get ready with make up etc back at my parents villa. The owner was more than happy to begin my hair earlier and I'm really glad I did as it did not leave much time to have something to eat and get ready back at the villa.


I understand the worry in getting hair done too early as it might not hold its style through the day, but it did cause a little bit of stress when we got back as the flowers arrived and Iolanda arrived in the middle of everything too. She was lovely and very calm, but I feel very bad that I did not have time to speak with her when she arrived as it was in the middle of everyone putting on make up and getting ready. I feel that if I had taken my 2pm appointment this would have been much more stressful. I think it was also difficult not knowing how much time to leave for getting to the Town Hall with taxis. I probably should have asked you about this beforehand, but we all got there in the end!! : )


Back to the hairdressers though, I could not fault them, they had an amazing team of girls and were so professional. The lady who worked on the final hair creation was like an artist! She certainly knew what she was doing and did not stop until it was perfect. Everyone was thrilled with their hair styles and their relaxed atmosphere made it a very enjoyable experience.


The bar service at the Town Hall was great, just a shame it's such a busy place and the next wedding party has to come in! But I knew this was the case beforehand. : ) It was just such a beautiful setting that we could've stayed there for ages! 
The photographer was great and he worked very quickly to make the most of his time with us. In hindsight we probably should've booked for the additional time with him back at the hotel as there was no time to get family photos/group photos. Our photos arrived at our hotel the next day which was amazing and it was torture going on Honeymoon to Costa Rica after that as we could not see them until about 2 weeks later!! : ) They are great though, we love them.


You were right about the band being fantastic. We were not sure at first whether to book a band but we are so glad we did. Everyone commented on how great they were. They were such good fun and made it such a relaxing atmosphere. I wasn't sure if anyone would dance as it's not music that our guests are used to but the dance floor was packed! It was great! The band even added their fingerprints to a picture that one of my bridesmaids made (I'll send on a photo, it was such a great idea). Would it be possible to send the band a thank you card? Either through your company or directly to them? We have a great photo of us with the band and I would love them to see it.


Thank you for all your hard work over the last year and a half. I have felt totally relaxed and calm knowing that you have taken care of everything. It was lovely just having to speak to one person who could then speak to everyone else! I quite enjoyed checking my emails as I knew that each one was going to be a step closer to our wedding plans being complete. Some of our guests have commented that they are seriously considering getting married abroad, so if they mention Italy I'll certainly pass on your contact information!
Cheers! : )


Fiona and Steven Henderson!

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