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Lil & Curt, wedding in Ravello

Lil & Curt | Ravello

Ravello, May 31st 2013.


Bon Giorno Sara!


How are you? Well, we are officially back to California this past weekend and have been trying to "recover" as best as we can, but as you know you can't rush perfection! So we'll take it day by day in getting back to normal :-)


So I wanted to take the time to tell you how grateful Curt and I for all of the hard work you and your team did in making our dream wedding weekend take place! First off we would have never ended up in Ravello, Italy if it weren't for Laura Frappa, so please let her know that she is truly responsible for finding this magical place - we LOVED it so much! Unfortunately (or not, however you look at it) we didn't get the chance to really "explore" Ravello since we were so busy running around! So it's another excuse to come back and celebrate an anniversary or something! ;-)


When you came on to the scene you really did such a great job in assuming the position of being our planner, and you actually exceeded our expectations with regards to the services you provided, as you planned many of our guest's vacations! That's why everyone wanted to meet you because they were so impressed by your kindness and professionalism!


As usual, there are always little things that pop up when you plan any event (i.e. the lone Hotel Room at Villa Cimbrone, the dinner choices at the beginning of the planning, the lead singer getting sick a few days before, the unusual rain patterns for that time of the year), but overall I cannot tell you how thrilled and grateful we are for the way the whole weekend unraveled! We loved the Villa Cimbrone, as well as Villa Maria! The staff and facilities at both places could not have been more accommodating and professional - they went above and beyond to take such good care of us and our guests and families!! Everyone did such a great job in their respective roles and made everyone feel very much at home :-)


Rosie did a great job being the physical presence of your company, and I really enjoyed her positive energy and helpfulness throughout the weekend - please tell her Thank You from the both of us!


Lastly I need to say Thank You again (and again) to you for all of your help during the whole 8 month period in planning this wedding! I know we probably overwhelmed you many times with what we were envisioning for the event, but you handled us very well and I/ we honestly couldn't be happier with everything that took place! We have and continue to get such positive feedback about the whole weekend, and it feels good when you can celebrate such a life changing occasion when the people present are feeling "the love" in such a beautiful environment! It could not have been possible if it weren't for your attention to details and your expertise, and for that we will always be grateful!


If anyone wants to try and "copy cat" a similar kind of event we will definitely send them your way, but a part of me doesn't want to share you with anyone because I/ we want to have the whole memory and you for ourselves! ;-)


Thanks again, Sara, for all of your help! You will always be a part of our special day even though you were there in spirit! I wish you all the very best, and maybe hope to talk to you again if we should ever plan our vow renewals back in Italy! ;-)


Take very good care and enjoy the rest of your busy wedding planning summer!



Lil and Curt

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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
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