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Katie and Griffin, wedding in Tivoli

Katie & Griffin

Tivoli, March 19th 2015.




Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and better than we imagined it could be!!!!!! Thank you and the rest of those who helped us stay on time, organized and most importantly made us feel like family!!!


It seemed like such a crazy thing to do… email someone on the other side of the world without ever meeting them and plan your wedding. Who does something like that?! But we could tell right away we were dealing with professionals who knew exactly what needed to be done! You worked so hard to handle all the business and we were able to show up for the fun part! Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts!!! 


Since our situation was a complete elopement, we have now been home only one day and have told our families. They were so impressed as well by how amazing everything was for us, their comments have been such as "what a classy wedding!" and "this is the best wedding I've ever seen!".


And the photos… WOW!!!!!!! Mr. Daniele was phenomenal! He knew all the right places to take us for photos which were private and stunning!


The festival that happened to be going on while we were there was also incredible. We had the San Giuseppe desserts that felt like our most delicious wedding cake and all the locals with their congratulations and well wishes were such a fun way to follow up the ceremony! Also, Mr. Grieco was wonderful! He gave us a little history on the building we were in and informed us we were now a part of Italian history, we love this!!! He, the interpreter Ms. Edelva, the witnesses and the photographer were all in joyful tears with us after our "I do's".


Although we brought only ourselves and left family behind somehow in that moment those other people became family. They cared about us and our decision to be together forever just as much as we did! That in combination with everything else made this the most special and perfect day that it could have possibly been!!!!

Our deepest gratitude,


Griffin and Katie

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Bride and groom arriving at Tivoli town hall Tivoli town hall Tivoli town hall Civil ceremony at Tivoli town hall
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