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Katherine and Lee, civil wedding in Positano

Katherine & Lee | Positano

Positano, July 3rd 2013.

To elope or not to elope. The best compromise for Lee & I was to host a destination wedding and invite family & our closest friends.

The journey to find the perfect location lasted some four years. It was during a trip to Pompeii, Italy in early 2012, during the middle of an arctic snap. We could see in the far distance that the sun shone brightly over the idyllic Amalfi Coast and for the first time in a long time we spoke of our wedding. It was on this day that we decided we must return. Having no time left to travel further down the coast we promised we would return and in a mad rush of inspired conversation – maybe we could get married in Amalfi, Sorrento or the Isle of Capri? It was a wild dream, wishful and hopeful, and at the end of the day – dreams do come true! On our return back to Australia and after some helpful encouragement from friends we reignited our plans for our destination wedding. Checking with those we hold dearest, we got the tick of approval on our elaborate wedding destination and so the adventure began. So where on the Amalfi Coast would we get married? Mindful that we are both great lovers of the ocean – surely that wouldn’t be a problem on the Amalfi Coast? However not being local residents of Italy we soon found our choices were slim. For the wedding to be legal it must be performed in the Town Hall by the local Mayor or representative. Keeping in mind the all important ocean views , we discovered Positano. There was no denying, the ocean views from the elevated Town Hall were breathtaking. We had found the perfect destination.

So what next? Lee and I decided we needed a wedding planner and after some careful consideration we decided on “Exclusive Italy Weddings”. We first made contact with Laura Frappa and were immediately made to feel confident in our decision. She allocated us the lovely Sara as our wedding planner and with no time to waste we were organising our wedding. With the date locked in and the Town hall booked, the multitude of decisions were in progress. Having much to organise in Australia the next 9 months went past in a blur. Before we knew it we were boarding planes. Wedding dress in hand and family and friends scattered across different airlines I knew there was nothing left to do but enjoy myself. It was up to the gods – so to speak. We had booked a large villa in Positano which slept 13 people and would be the epicentre of our fabulous week long wedding celebration. With a few staying down the road this magnificent villa proved to be the ultimate entertaining venue. Spread across 4 levels, hosting 3 kitchens and a pool with views to die for I thought I had landed in heaven. To describe the Villa and not mention its owner Giovanni would be to have spaghetti and leave out the tomatoes. Giovanni was the most exceptional host and a well known local identity. Just mention his name in the local deli and your groceries were delivered free of charge. It is fair to say the charm of Positano is deeply entrenched in its locals and Giovanni was a charmer.

The days that proceeded the wedding were colourful and fun. We hired scooters and boats and explored the coast, swam, soaked up the sun, shopped, ate out, celebrated a birthday, and danced the night away at Music On The Rocks. Positano would be the most enjoyable place we had ever travelled to, and to be surrounded by family and friends made it all the more special.

The morning of our big day started with a breakfast at a cafe on the beach. Champagne, fruit salad and pastries. A quick dip in the ocean and a huge climb back up to the villa was an invigorating way to start the day.

My bridesmaid and I then showered and were scootered down to Luisa & Flavia for our hair and makeup. It would be an entertaining four hours with the beautiful and charming staff. Flavia Della Mura is an exceptional woman and hair stylist and her staff were just perfect. We were made to feel like A listers and were sent off with my wedding extraordinaire, Ms Giovanna, feeling on top of the world.

Ms Giovanna would coordinate the wedding ceremony and prove to be the life and laughter of the day. I have never met a woman so full of life, love and personality. Ms Giovanna’s passion made our day “perfect”. Not only was she our interpreter, she brought the ceremony to life in song and laughter. I felt like we had known her forever and I only wish I had. I felt her passion for life and love in everything she did and we truly our appreciative of her involvement in outmost perfect day. We had the pleasure of working with Gianni Di Natale as our wedding photographer for the day. He was incredibly professional, directive and had a wonderful understanding of Positano, it’s culture and the great places to capture memorable photos. We were thrilled with our photos and the beautiful Positano as the backdrop to our special day.

The reception was held at La Tagliata. A family owned restaurant, situated high on the hill with the most breathtaking views over Positano. The staff would spoil us with delicious food, wine, cake and song. We were treated to the beautiful vocals of Antonietta and a guest appearance from Mama Pasta. We ate, sang, and danced the night away. La Tagliata had every aspect of a wonderful evening covered including a private bus ride home to our villa.

It was a perfect day, a week of love and laughter, spent in the most beautiful place in the world. Positano has a place in our hearts forever and we look forward to visiting again with our honeymoon babe in arms.


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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
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