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Kaitlin and Joshua, Wedding at Hotel Caruso in Ravello

Kaitlin and Joshua | Ravello

Hotel Caruso - October 3rd 2023

I've known that I always wanted to get married in Italy, more specifically the Amalfi Coast since I first traveled there after graduating university. 

What I didn't know is who I would be marrying & who would be planning my wedding once I finally found the person to spend the rest of my life with. 

Once I met the right partner years later, I knew I immediately needed to start planning my dream wedding with the best of the best. 

I searched around for months, called & spoke with countless wedding planners in Italy, America, Spain, etc. However, if you're going to get married in Italy, you want someone who truly knows Italy. That's when I found Exclusive Italy Weddings, I looked at reviews & their website. After that, I knew I didn't need to look any further... As long as Laura agreed to help me plan my wedding, I was officially ready to begin the planning.

Wedding planning post Covid-19 was very stressful because everyone had postponed their dates not only one year out, but two or even three years. 

So many couples had their date established, so we were frantic about getting our wedding date established. We wanted a fall wedding, one close to Italy's off-season and when it would be less crowded.

My first call with Laura was absolutely perfect, she was so transparent about everything that goes into their planning & how to take the wedding step by step. After securing a date at the beautiful Hotel Caruso in Ravello, she then introduced me to Martina! 

Martina is one of the most kind and thoughtful people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and working with throughout an entire year. Martina was so accommodating, and truly knew how to calm a bride from overseas down with each conversation. 

Everything from the colors, the flowers, to the aesthetics of the entire wedding was handled in a perfect fashion and she was so reliable. 

For about 10 months we truly thought we knew what we wanted the wedding to look & be like. However during one of my final calls with Martina, a little less than two months prior to the big day Laura was in the office casually looking over our wedding vision board. Laura said "no two weddings should ever be the same". Before I knew it she pulled up a chair next to Martina, and I felt like I had my dream team coming together to create an almost entirely different wedding. 

Martina & Laura sat there until they found exactly what they wanted my wedding to be in order to stand out, and I couldn't have been happier. 

I truly believe in giving artistic license to those in their business, so once Martina and Laura started showing me all the new, different and stunning elements from the menus to the Chuppah's flowers... I fell deeply in love with their new visions, which completely changed what I thought would be my wedding.

Once the new vision board came in, my heart dropped in the best way possible. We were in awe.

Finally in Italy, I got news that both Martina & Laura would be at our wedding and I nearly cried over happiness. They came to the hotel & venue with a book filled with all the details. They made our Welcome Dinner more than we could have ever expected & that was just the beginning. On the day of the wedding, every bride has different emotions, for me it was just making sure that everything would be as organized as I wanted. I knew that with Martina & Laura I never had to worry. 

They had everything perfect and completely under control. Making sure that the bride & groom had nothing to worry about except for themselves. 

It was perfect. Not just the wedding day, but the entire trip to Italy was perfect because of these two amazing women from Exclusive Italy Weddings. 

My husband and I, as well as our families can never thank Exclusive Italy Weddings enough for all they've done. They make weddings not only into dreams, but into reality.

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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
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