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Jaime and Douglas, wedding in Positano

Jaime & Douglas | Positano

Positano, March 27th 2012.


Dear Chiara!  


Sorry for the delay in responding to you. Jaime and I have been so unbelievably busy since we've been back.Our flight was delayed out of Rome and we missed our connection in Toronto so we actually didn't get back until Saturday. So that, combined with Jet lag, unpacking, and we have had to make so many phone calls and answer so many emails with friends and family about the wedding that we have just been swamped. Not to mention our work, and I'm also currently in a Master's degree program here in SF for Design and so I've had some catching up to do in with that as well. So again, my apologies for both of us for not getting back to you sooner.


However, I would like to say that Jaime and I had an absolutely fantastic time. There's just so much to mention that was so wonderful that I don't think I could fit it all in an email. Words just won't do it justice to describe how happy we are now and with the wedding experience we had in Positano. You have been just absolutely wonderful. There is just no way we could have done it without you. You didn't just plan our wedding, you planned what is probably the best experience of our lives!  All the people we meet were so gracious and happy for us.There are so many people we can thank, Christiano "Chris" de Rosa, Joanne Dunn, Piero, The entire staff at the Hotel Murat, Ms. Giovanna, Bruno, and so many more. You set us up with the best people in all of Italy, I think. Chris took great care of us. We couldn't be more please with the Positano Car Service. I think we have made a life long friend with him. And Joanne Dunn is amazing. We are so lucky to have had her shoot our wedding. I have briefly looked at her past career work on her website and it looks like she is a very accomplished photographer. I'm impressed you were able to get her for our wedding in fact. Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing the photos. We are also looking forward to seeing the video from Piero as well. We can't hardly wait!


Jaime will get back to you just as soon as she can. Today, actually, she had to get up very early because she is working at her volunteer job at The Marine Mammal Center in Marin County. Once a week she goes out to the Center and feeds these really cute little baby harbor seals who have lost their Moms in the wild. Anyways, she will be gone all day. But, I know she really wants to thank you and will be getting back to you soon.  


Again, I don't think words can describe just how grateful we are for your help and expertise with planning our wedding.  Thank you so, so much!


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