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Location for weddings in Italy

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Italy’s varied territory offers some stunning locations for an unforgettable destination wedding. From sunny Mediterranean villages to metropolitan art cities, untouched countryside, and enchanting lakes, each area has its own identity and unique charm.

Plan your wedding in Italy in the most enchanting locations: seaside villages, countryside towns, historical cities, and romantic lakes. 

Choose the best location for your wedding among the top wedding destinations in Italy: white stone Masserias of Puglia, the breathtaking Tuscan Landscapes, the romantic waterways of Venice, the eternal fascination of Rome.

Imagine saying "I do" kissed by the sun on Amalfi Coast's bay or enjoying stunning views of the Italian Riviera and Lakes.

Our wedding planners can suggest to you the best places to get married in Italy, and design and plan your Italian wedding to perfection.

We have collected the most beautiful places in Italy to get married, and we are ready to plan your luxury wedding in a medieval castle, a lake villa, a historical palace, a countryside resort, a charming hotel or restaurant.

Finding your special place to celebrate your love is easy in the country of wonders.

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