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Erin and Derek, civil wedding in Positano

Erin & Derek | Positano

Amalfi Coast, September 28th 2011.


Morning Martina!


Derek and I have been on a high since we arrived in Positano, and it hasn't stopped yet. Since the moment we arrived in Positano, everything went perfect and smoothly. When the majority of our wedding planning is out of my hands, it was hard to know what to expect. I had my wedding program in hand and started with my appointments on Monday, September 26th. We went to Bar La Pergola and met with Mr Davide, who was very nice and friendly. He knew who I was right away and offered that we sit at a table where the cocktail hour would be held and sample the cocktails and snacks. He called us "his guests" and brought us anything we wanted. I felt very comfortable when I met him that the cocktail hour would be perfect. I would highly recommend Bar La Pergola for many more weddings. After that we went to Le Terrazze to meet Mr Antonio. He was also very nice and took my place cards and seating chart and said he would do his best to set it up the way I wanted. He also showed me a picture of how the cake would look. I also gave him a copy of my CD with my first dance song on it and he assured me it would be no problem to play.


The next day I met with the Positano car service (who had already done our wedding transfers from the airport and train station perfectly) to pay for all our other car services. We also added vans for our guests to the ceremony. In the end it was just better that way once we saw how far away the town hall was. We were very happy with all the car services, the drivers, etc. We then made our way to Bar Internationalize to pay for our refreshments for the wedding day at the town hall. Again, no problems and they were very professional. Since we were at the top of the town, we just stopped in to the town hall to check it out. The lady who handles the weddings showed us around and told us to take our time and explore. She was very sweet and friendly, which really made us feel good that they knew who we were and treated us very well.


Wedding Day! - It was time for hair, and the ladies at Luisa and Flavia were FABULOUS! The day before I had met with them and took a picture of what I wanted. They seemed to know exactly what I meant and how to do it. I even took my own hair extensions with me, and she took them from me and set them in rollers the day before to let me set. I actually went twice on wedding day. They washed and blow dry in the morning, and then I went back for the style in the afternoon. I think at least 4 girls had a hand in doing my hair, but in the end if was perfect, exactly like the picture. For me, hair is a big deal, and I loved it. They girls even came to my hotel right before I left for the ceremony to put in my veil and re-touch my hair. How awesome was that? Very sweet. Funny story is that when Derek and I were walking through Positano after the ceremony for pictures, we walked right by Luisa and Flavia and I went in. The ladies were so excited, and thought I look amazing. The owner, she made us stand by her sign and got our photographer to take pictures and insisted he sent her a picture to us as an advertisement! I would highly recommend this hair dresser to your other brides.


All the car transfers for all the guests were on time and done very well, and even our luxury car got us there in time for the ceremony- early! When I arrived at the town hall, my maid of honor went to get let someone know we had arrived. Ms. Giovanna came to greet me and was also very sweet. Our photographer was also very good. He had arrived at 3:30 pm and was able to get pictures of the guests before I arrived. He was also able to take a few pics of myself and my dad before the ceremony because we had a few minutes before the officiant arrived. The musicians arrived and were lovely. The followed me down the aisle and played such fabulous songs, it really was a nice touch.


Walking down the aisle was a moment of the lifetime. No tears, just pure happiness. The setting of the Town Hall Terrace was amazing. I can not tell you how many of our guests came up to us after just blown away by the setting, they had no idea what to expect and it exceeded everyone's expectations. The weather was overcast (yeah no rain!). It was windy, but at that moment it didn't matter. Everything had gone so perfectly so far, nothing really mattered other then that. Mrs. Giovanna did a fabulous job, she was so loving when delivering the ceremony, it was perfect. Everything was well organized and done seamlessly, it was perfect. Everyone working with the town hall was so professional and made us feel like they gave their all for our wedding. It really added to making our day special. After the ceremony we had the champagne toast. Bar Internationalize had set up nice tables inside the town hall. It was very nice and professional, the staff they sent was dressed nice and the presentation of the tables was also very good. Like I said before, it was so organized and professional, it was so nice to not have to worry about it and have it perfect for our guests. Still, our guests and our parents were so thrilled how things were going to far, I think they were even in a little shock, as no one knew what to expect since it was just you and me doing the planning all this time.


The vans came and picked up our guests and took them to the beach for La Pergola. Derek and I were off with the photographer taking pictures through Positano. I have to tell you, one of the greatest experiences in mine and Derek's life was walking through Positano in our wedding outfits. Martina, people were stopping us like we were celebrities. People pulled over in their cars to take pictures, people came out of their shops, people stopping us in the streets telling us congrats and how fabulous we looked. We even walked by a restaurant on the beach where the staff were having their dinner before they opened and the entire table of servers stood up and cheered for us! It was an unexplainable feeling up that town made us feel. I hope one day more of your brides pick Positano.

Again, the cocktail hour was great, the staff was so nice and friendly, and the area they made for our group was big and well laid out. The snacks were nice and the drinks kept coming!


Reception Dinner at Le Terrazze - Martina, I can not say enough nice things about this venue. Other then the views are breathtaking, the night was perfect. Since it was a quiet night, we were in the end able to get that entire terrace to ourselves. The manager wasn't sure if he could do round tables like I wanted in the seating chart, but when we arrived, sure enough it was round tables, and the setting up was just like I planned on our seating chart. The flowers were placed beautifully and the candles were also a very nice touch. The tables were absolutely fabulous, beautiful, and set up with such care. I was just so happy when I saw it. The staff really made the night perfect. They were so attentive and really watching Derek and I to see if we were happy. The food was AMAZING, everyone said it was just the best they had had in Italy. The wine glasses were always full, and the meals were brought out in nice timing. We really were taken care of there. Many brides might think this venue was really expensive ( I did at first too) but it was worth every penny. Not just the food, but the care and the service we got there was worth it. The cake was exactly what I envisioned and tasted wonderful, so nice! Again, exactly what Derek and I wanted, really exceeded our dreams. At the end of the night, the servers just told me when ever I wanted to go downstairs to the disco club, to just let them know and they would set up my first dance song. They still had my CD and played our songs for us no problem. Having our songs played really made is seem so personal, and really made Derek and I feel so special. It was a nice touch. They played three songs I brought, and then the DJ let me come behind the booth and pick more songs! It was really really fun!


The photographer did a really nice job! He even had the CD with a cover box brought to our hotel the next day! There was almost 500 pictures, all good ones. How will I pick? Derek's name was spelled wrong on the design case, so we got our hotel front desk to call him, and he brought a nice cd with a new case over the next day with the name spelled correctly. How nice!


My thoughts about my wedding in Positano are this, it was perfect. It all exceeded our hopes and dreams and was the most wonderful experience of my life. If I could go back to Positano and personally thank everyone who made the day special, I would! The businesses that Exclusive Italy Weddings chooses to use are very professional and treat you like your wedding is the royal wedding, and that is what every Bride and Groom need! Martina, I can not thank you enough for the work you put into my wedding. Thank you for always answering my emails and giving me the information I needed. You and your team really did all the work and made this such a wonderful day. Please feel free to use some of my email to share with other brides and please pass on my email address to other families if they want to talk to people who are thinking about doing this and have questions.


It all seems like a dream, a dream that was real! I included pictures of the cake and flowers and of Derek and I. Please use them as you need! I hope they help!

Many thanks, I can't believe it is all over!



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