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Civil Weddings in Cortona

Cortona civil wedding in Tuscany  

The book "Under the Tuscan Sun" brought to world's attention this enchanting and noble town founded by the Etruscans. Today Cortona maintains its untouched fashion and is the town we always recommend to those who envision a beautiful medieval setting for their civil wedding in an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Despite Cortona is a bit off of the beaten path, it can be easily reached by train and in the surrounding area there are a number of Tuscan Borgos and small farmhouses with accommodations on spot and banquet facilities. 


The town of Cortona offers a perfect setting for those who wish to have the whole event in the same place. We can organize your civil ceremony in the local town hall, followed by cocktails on main square and a wedding reception in one of the typical restaurants in town, everything walking distance including accommodation.

Cortona was one of the most evolved medieval city-states and during the years has changed very little in its urban aspect, a really precious jewel and a guaranteed success for a romantic destination wedding. A legend suggests that Ulysses was buried here! Of course this is just a legend but many other interesting stories tell us more about this beautiful town, choose this town for your wedding and you and your guests will have the chance to live an extraordinary experience.

Venue description

Civil Marriages in Cortona are celebrated in the Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo, standing in the picturesque Piazza della Repubblica, a historical Palazzo dating back to the 13th century. The façade is very impressive with its old-stone staircase and massive bell tower that dominates the piazza. The marriage hall of Cortona is really charming, and has served as wedding hall for centuries. The hall has beautiful Gothic style furniture, with two medieval chandeliers and an authentic old-stone fireplace.

About civil weddings in Cortona

Two weddings per day are allowed, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, ceremonies are performed every day of the week, Monday to Saturday and on Sunday morning only. The Marriage hall is suitable to large groups up to 100 guests. Sworn declaration to be done at least two days before the wedding.

Civil wedding in Cortona Tuscany  
Civil ceremony in Cortona Tuscany  
Civil wedding in Cortona Tuscany  
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