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Civil Wedding in Udine

Loggia del Lionello in Udine  

Choose to get married in Udine, one of the most elegant and intimate cities of Italy, half way between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps. It dates back to the Medieval times and is rich of history

Location and venue description

Udine is a healthy and elegant city characterized by fine buildings, lovely piazzas, gardens and antique churches. There is a distinct Venetian feel in the center of the city, noticeable in the architecture of Piazza della Libertà, under the stern gaze of the lion of St. Mark, symbol of the Venetian power.

Udine is one of the favourite locations for destination weddings in Italy. Civil weddings in Udine can be performed in different locations.

Palazzo D'Aronco

The 17th century Venetian Palace Palazzo D’Aronco is an impressive building facing the delectable Piazza della Libertà and is surrounded by finest elegant pedestrian streets. A beautiful staircase and open gallery leads you to the entrance of this magnificent Palace. The interior has sumptuous stained glass windows, marble decors and period furnishings. The hall is suitable to small and medium weddings and is absolutely enchanting, with a beautiful Venetian chandelier, and a beautiful gothic doubled lancet window that gives to the hall a magical charm.

Sala del Popolo

The Venetian Palace Palazzo D’Aronco has a large Wedding hall in Liberty style called Sala del Popolo elegantly designed in white marble. A long white staircase characterizes the charming access to the luminous hall where civil weddings are celebrated.

Castello di Udine

The Castle of Udine is the symbol of the city and raises on top of a hill dominating the plane of Friuli. The castle can be reached walking through an arch designed in the XVI century and then going up along the ascent to the castle flanked by a spectacular 16th century Gothic Venetian portico. The Castle houses one of the most ancient Parliament Halls of Europe where civil wedding ceremonies are celebrated.

About Udine civil weddings

Civil weddings in Udine are performed by Mayor or his substitute in specific days of the weeks and timings that vary according to the hall selected. The ceremony is celebrated in Italian with interpreter. Spouses can personalize their wedding with personal vows, readings and music. Udine is a less popular but charming destination, highly recommended for couples desiring complete privacy!


All year round.

Bride and groom at Palazzo D'Aronco in Udine  
Bridal couple civil wedding in Udine  
Newlyweds in Salone del Popolo, Udine Town Hall  
Bridal couple in piazza Matteotti Udine  

Hall of Parliament - Castello di Udine

Road ascending to Udine's Castle  
Hall of Parliament for civil wedding in Udine's Castle  

Wedding Hall - Loggia del Lionello

Piazza Libertà with Loggia del Lionello - Udine  
Entrance of Loggia del Lionello - Udine  
Wedding Hall at Loggia del Lionello  

Salone del Popolo - Palazzo D'Aronco

Palazzo D'Aronco - Udine Town Hall  
Entrance of Palazzo D'Aronco  
Salone del Popolo for civil weddings in Udine  

Hall of Via Beato Odorico

Entrance of Beato Odorico Hall  
Detail of the frescoes  
Hall of Via Beato Odorico Udine  
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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
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