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Layla and Jason, Castle Wedding in Vincigliata

Layla & Jason | Florence

 Florence, September 18th 2016.


When my husband proposed to me, it was the happiest, most meaningful day of my life. After the vibrating excitement of being newly engaged, the congratulations, and celebrating subsided (just a little bit), it was time to start planning our wedding!


We had absolutely no idea where to start. After much deliberation we decided to have a destination wedding, and were looking at a handful of different locations. We had contacted multiple wedding planners in different places, but it wasn’t until we contacted Laura and Martina at Exclusive Italy Weddings, that we felt we were in the right hands.


They are a huge reason as to why we decided to have our wedding in Italy! Saying that Laura and Martina are two of the most warm, caring, patient, smart, and resourceful women I’ve ever met, is a complete understatement. I could never imagine planning my wedding without them. Without exaggeration, I must have sent Martina AT LEAST three full length emails a day for the full YEAR that we planned our wedding together (Martina was my primary planner). Each message was always replied to within the day, with answers, questions, and most importantly, constant warmth and reassurance (which is what every ‘bride to be’ needs in order to stay sane).


From the flowers, the photographers, music - even down to the delicate candles that illuminated the walls of the enchanting Castello di Vincigliata; everything was arranged flawlessly, and what appeared to be effortlessly (although we all know planning a wedding is never the latter). I did not have to worry about anything, and everything came out better than my mind could have ever imagined it to be.


Martina was able to seamlessly rearrange my wedding the day of, due to iffy on and off rain, as she always has a ‘plan B’ intact. No weather could ever get in Martina’s way! I can honestly say the night turned out to be a fairytale! Now I can say I have added a new “happiest, most meaningful day of my life” to my list - which was my wedding at Castello di Vincigliata; and I have Laura Frappa and Martina Coppino at Exclusive Italy Weddings to thank.


I will never forget our special day, and I most certainly will never forget the amazing relationship between Martina and I. I will never hesitate to praise her expertise to anyone who asks, and will swear by her skills and abilities as a wedding and event planner.


If you are having a wedding in Italy, you must contact Exclusive Italy Weddings, because they are seriously the best of the best! I could have never asked for a better experience planning my wedding!


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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
Italy Office  +39 0432 913513


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