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Boho Chic Themed Wedding

Boho chic wedding ceremony  

Boho chic style combines the best that Italy has to offer for destination weddings: the refined elegance of centuries old castles and villas that open their doors for the most exclusive receptions, and the relaxed atmosphere of the gorgeous natural landscapes of Italy for an intimate celebration with your beloved ones.

Bohemian styled weddings are unconventional and eclectic, incorporating elements of the gipsy style, nature elements, ethnic patterns. The word “bohemian” originates from the world of the gipsies, whose dresses were assembled combinating everything they could find, so basically there is only a limit: your creativity!

Wedding Location

Boho chic weddings are rich of natural details, so the ideal location would be an outdoor venue. We cooperate with many venues that offer this opportunity for bridal couples, and at the same time provide also an alternative in case of bad weather. Just imagine a romantic park near an elegant villa, a beautiful ceremony under the trees, a cocktail on a terrace with a breath-taking vista, a reception at sunset… and then the party goes on, inside a sumptuous hall enlightened by candles or a glass chandelier…

Wedding Dress and accessories

Boho wedding gowns usually have flowing lines, their style is relaxed and chic at the same time: they can be in hippie style or romantic lace dresses, often with spaghetti straps or open back.

For the perfect combination of bohemian elements the bride can choose a hippie style headband with feathers or lace, or a flower crown with fresh seasonal flowers matching her favourite colour palette.


For the perfect boho chic wedding reception it is possible to mix and match as many elements as you like: natural elements like flowers, petals, feathers, pearls, ethnic items and patterns from Morocco or India. Bright colors are the favourite choice for boho chic brides, but you can choose pastel tones for a more sophisticated effect. In the photo gallery you can find just a few examples to inspire you.

Wedding Cake

For the perfect boho wedding cake combine folk patterns with vivid colors, feathers and flowers. If you prefer a more classical design you can add a creative touch with a cute cake topper.


There are endless options for music at a boho chic wedding. For the wedding ceremony classical music  creates an elegant and romantic ambience. For the reception and after party there are many possibilities, from jazz and swing music to a dj or a pop or funky band. Italy also has a great tradition of folk music, like tarantella in Naples or pizzica in Apulia, played with traditional instruments like mandolin, tambourines and accordion: a lively group of folk dancers can be a great choice for a boho wedding.

Boho chic wedding on the Amalfi Coast  
Flower arch in boho chic style  
Wedding table in boho chic style  
Detail of boho chic decors  
Table setting in boho chic style  
Long table for outdoor wedding reception  
Musicians for wedding in Puglia  
Boho decoration  
Crocheted decorations for wedding ceremony  
Dream catchers hanging from a tree  
Boho chic bridal bouquet  
Ancient olive tree  
Wedding cocktail in Puglia  
Boho chic decorations for cocktail  
Handmade wedding menu  
Vintage Ape car with candies  
Boho chic wedding reception in Puglia  
Long table for wedding banquet  
Detail of long table  
Table setting for wedding in Puglia  
Details of Boho chic table  
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Contact our expert wedding planners and receive qualified assistance for your destination wedding in Italy
Italy Office  +39 0432 913513


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