Jackie & Constantin – Romantic Amalfi Coast wedding

Jackie & Constantin – Romantic Amalfi Coast wedding

I feel so good when I plan a wedding, when I can make my ideas become reality, when I struggle with providers to create the atmosphere I want because I know it will be perfect…

I always think I can do something more, something different, something unique. My mind never rests, my creativity is endless, I cannot stand restrictions: after I have established a relationship with my couples and determined the setting of the wedding and banquet, I envision the whole event and I start working on the details to make it memorable.

Romantic wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Those who trust in me will enjoy an event that exceed expectations because planning a wedding for me is not a matter of putting together services at specific times but it is like having a dream in mind and thinking that it is not enough because I want the reality to look even better!

Yes, this is what I want, I want the best and I wanted it also for Jacqueline and Constantin. Jackie is such a lovely American young woman and Constantine is definitely the right man for her, originally from France, romantic, madly in love with Jacquie and so caring.
Destination Wedding in Ravello
Flying so far with a group of almost 100 guests, they had for sure great expectations, clear ideas and exactly as me wanted the best. I proposed Ravello (on the Amalfi Coast) because I knew they would find what they were looking for: a perfect spot between New York and Paris, warm climate, luxurious venues, but most of all the welcoming attitude of Southern Italian People. Jackie’s family was originally from Sicily and she wanted an event where she could incorporate Italian traditions.

I personally coordinated this event with my assistants Martina and Chiara: we had meetings, trials and rehearsals during the first days and I met all providers and double checked all details. Everything was ready!

On Friday night the whole group met at the Restaurant of the Hotel Garden in Ravello, where a delicious buffet with the most genuine food of the Amalfi Coast was available for the cocktail and for dinner. The group tasted the best dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, enjoying the most amazing views of the coastline!

Jacquie and Constantin and their families were so enthusiastic, it was such a successful beginning in such a beautiful and romantic panoramic restaurant.

At 11:30pm vans picked up the whole group and drove them to Amalfi harbour where a private boat was waiting for them. Music was played on board to create the right mood. The Amalfi Coast seen from the sea at night is enchanting and left everybody breathless, staring astonished at the tiny little glowing villages.

The Boat tour ended to a disco club where, needless to say, the party went on till 5am instead of the 3am planned!

The second day was dedicated to guests’ activities, tours of the area, boat tours, lunch and shopping in Positano and guided tours of Pompeii in English and French.

Jackie and Constantine’s wedding day started quite early with beauty treatments and getting dressed: family and friends were all really excited, and the bride was really anxious till she got to the Church! She wore an amazing gown of Vera Wang, truly beautiful and elegant.

She arrived with a beautiful luxury car. Groom and guests were waiting inside the gorgeous Church of Santa Maria di Gradillo, which was perfectly decorated with amazing flowers in pale and delicate colours, white carpet, candles and petals.

The processional was touching, the Groom with his Mother followed by Groom’s father and Bride’s mother, Groom’s sister and Bride’s brother, Brides’s sister and Best Man and finally the Bride and her Father.

After the ceremony a group of folk musicians accompanied the group to the Hotel Caruso, what a romantic walk! I organized the aperitif in the garden, beautifully decorated with more than a hundred balls of white and pink peonies pending from the trees and some gorgeous arrangements on the buffet tables.

A funny Photo Booth was a great idea and all the group enjoyed it!

Guests having fun at wedding photo booth

Tables were amazingly decorated with delicate white and light pink peonies and roses…

Dinner followed in the Wagner Gardens where many white paper balls hanging on the area enlightened the night and a talented band played the best Sinatra’s famous love songs… what a magical atmosphere.

Wedding in Ravello with sea view

New York, New York ended the dinner and the first part of the event, then the group walked to the pool area for the second “dancing” part of the event, what a gorgeous experience walking through the lines of trees full of candles, changing colours light on columns, balls of flowers, lanterns and candles of every kind while the music Les Yeux Ouvers by Beautiful South welcomed the guests to the pool side!

Drapes, candles, white sofas with black and pink cushions, pink stone walls and again flowers were the elements that made this night unique!

Lounge area for wedding reception

Italian wedding favors

Wedding toast

Jacquie and Constantine really deserved a Special Day and because they trusted me they lived the most fantastic experience in their lives…

Few touching words from Jackie…

Laura, Thank you! For everything!:) You were such an amazing and wonderful part of this whole wedding process and you organized one of the happiest and best days of my life. Thank you for always supporting me and for being such a fantastic person :)

You know I have so much love for you too and I am always here if you need anything and I hope our paths cross again soon! :)

Her formal testimonial:

My experience with Laura and Exclusive Weddings was nothing short of perfection. No detail was left unplanned and no concern of mine was too small, Laura is extremely detail oriented and compassionate. She always answered my questions thoroughly and promptly.

When extra work was required, she never shied away from a challenge and was persistent in securing the best possible outcome. As I was planning a wedding in Ravello from where I live in New York, I was an anxious bride and Laura was as sweet and as caring as a person could be. When the issue was simply my nerves, Laura was able to reassure me with the words and information that I needed to hear.

Every single one of my guests was beyond thrilled with the incredible wedding weekend that Laura and I planned together for them. From the flowers, to the welcome night, to the lighting concept, to the guest activities, to the welcome bags: every single detail was perfect.

While I knew that my wedding at the Hotel Caruso would be incredible, it honestly exceeded even my wildest dreams. I thank Laura and her team for helping to create this magical wedding weekend that neither myself, nor my husband, nor a single guest will ever ever forget. It was truly a fairytale, and something that I have been told made all involved feel special to attend and be a part of.

From the bottom of my heart thank you!


Jacklyn Sinagra

I invite you to view the entire photo gallery of their wonderful event.



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