Getting married in Italy: how to choose the season to celebrate your wedding

Getting married in Italy: how to choose the season to celebrate your wedding

Which is the most beautiful season to marry in Italy?

Getting married in Italy is a choice of love and an adventure to share with your partner and beloved ones. When you decide that your wedding will be celebrated in a foreign country, after the first enthusiasm you are embarking on a journey of sensations, a chiefly spiritual rather than a geographical journey, challenging your deepest desires and passions.

Italy is an intense country with a deep attachment to history and culture, joined with a boundless passion for the territory and its emotions. Let yourself be carried into a sweet whirlwind of astonishment: this is the best way to start your personal journey towards your wedding celebration in Italy.

A fascinating land, halfway between the continent and the sea, with its glorious views, season after season. Have you ever wondered which is the most beautiful season to get married in Italy? Let yourself be fascinated by the beauty of its colors that month after month characterize every Italian region. From north to south, the nature of every landscape is tinged with unique shades, in a colorful succession of magical hues.

Getting married in Italy during SPRING

Pastel hues of flowering blossoms and sprouts. The awakening of nature begins in March and each passing week unveils a new treasure. Getting married in Italy in Spring means adding to your most beautiful day the enchantment of a lawn covered with precious buds. Or letting your wedding day be warmed by the first rays of sun rising above the Venice lagoon.

Destination Wedding on the Italian Lakes

Getting married in Italy during SUMMER

Bright colors and nature are in its full vigor. The hottest season is bursting with flowers and fruits. The scent of ripe wheat blends with the sweet taste of ripe fruit under the dazzling sun. Rediscover the calm serenity of a castle in Tuscany, a stronghold of history and a perfect scenery lulled by the song of the cicadas. Or choose the Mediterranean flavor of a romantic venue in Sorrento, overlooking the sea that reflects the deep blue summer sky.

Pink and red orchids for Italian wedding reception

Getting married in Italy during AUTUMN

Warm hues, embracing you in an engaging array of shades and flavors. Italy in autumn can amaze you, the mild climate blends with colors turning to warmer shades. Marrying in Italy in Autumn offers a series of undisclosed views to choose from: the Italian Riviera with its rustic and elegant beauty, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Santa Margherita and Portovenere; the natural beauty of the grape harvest in the vineyards of the Friulian hills or the natural scenery offered by the villages of the Puglia hinterland.

Autumn Wedding on the Tuscan Hills

Getting married in Italy during WINTER

Evocative and refined. Getting married in Italy in winter means being seduced by a landscape that you can discover in its simpler and more pensive shades. A quiet atmosphere, to fulfill your dream in a fairytale location. It is not so easy to choose among the many beautiful historical cities of Italy, such as Rome with its eternal charm or Florence and its refined beauty.

Wedding in Venice of Rebecca and Stephen

Each season is fantastic to get married in Italy. At all times of the year the nature of its enchanting locations creates the perfect frame for a fabulous day. Art, nature, landscape and history blend together to form the impeccable background of an important day. Every moment of the year is the right occasion to marry in Italy and celebrate your love, setting sail on the journey of a lifetime and starting to write your story in the book of life.


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