Destination Wedding in Puglia in a Masseria

Destination Wedding in Puglia in a Masseria

Puglia is a region full of sun, colors and joy, the ideal wedding destination for such a sunny couple as Chadia and Nadim! Their wedding in a Masseria was funny and tender and full of laughter, but also a true adventure!

But I don’t want to rush things, let’s start from the beginning: Chadia wrote us last year, when she was in the initial stage of planning her destination wedding in Italy. Nadim is 100% Lebanese, Chadia is half Lebanese, a quarter French and a quarter Hungarian. They told us their story and I want to share it with you because it’s so cute! They grew up in Beirut and Nadim was already in love with Chadia as a kid ♥︎ When they were twelve he even bought her roses on Valentine’s Day, but Chadia did not think he should become her boyfriend at the time…

They were classmates during high school and lost sight of each other after 18… But one day they met in London and discovered that they had a lot more in common than they had suspected. They became a couple and Chadia moved to London to stay closer to Nadim. After completing their studies they went back to Beirut. Now they live in Paris where they also got married civilly in 2014. Since they could not celebrate their wedding at the time, they decided to organize a big party in Italy for this summer, inviting all their friends and relatives.
For Chadia and Nadim we organized three days of events in sun-kissed Puglia:

  • on Friday a pizza party at Lido Tamerici in Alberobello, a charming Mediterranean beach club;
  • Saturday was the wedding day at Masseria Le Carrubea traditional Apulian farmhouse that can host events for up to 200 guests;
  • on Sunday a farewell brunch in the Aranceto (orange grove) of the Masseria.

For the wedding day we had planned a religious blessing among the olive trees, followed by an aperitif also in the olive grove that was meant to be truly spectacular.
Then the unexpected happened! Despite the forecasts, which showed a perfect sunny day up to 2 hours before the ceremony, in a few minutes the sky clouded over and it started to rain: the wind was so strong that it destroyed the flower arch! The decorations were moved to a nearby olive tree, but the rain forced the guests to stay inside both for the ceremony and the aperitif.
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The dinner setting was ready, but all covered in plastic sheets because it was raining. When the decision to move everything inside had already been made, the sun came out again. In 5 minutes all the vendors were asked to restore the banquet setting, and the band and DJ completed their set up in no time. It was a truly hectic time, where everyone worked at the speed of light and did everything they could in order to give Chadia and Nadim the night of their dreams.

The traditional long tables used in Apulian celebrations were decorated with lots of lighting and mixed flowers in bright popping colors: pinks, mauve, fuchsia, some splashes of orange and yellow and some greenery. All was very natural, unstructured and with a somewhat rustic feeling.

Everything went fine in the end, the evening was fantastic and the bridal couple and all the guests were really happy. At 2 am the party moved to the pool and went on until dawn.
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Enjoy the bright colours of this wedding in the gorgeous photos by Les Amis Photo. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to plan a fabulous destination wedding in Puglia!


Image Credits: Les Amis Photo ©.


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