Crazy for candles at Italian weddings

Crazy for candles at Italian weddings

Shabby chic, country, romantic: candles are perfect to create the right atmosphere for a wedding. Find your inspiration among the following ideas!

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Buddha

Candles, Fairylights, Lanterns decors at Weddings

The flickering flame of a candle is undoubtedly fascinating with its ever-changing dynamics. Candles are a symbol of romance and intimacy that bring positive feelings and for centuries have served many purposes. The positive effects of candles can easily be incorporated in our homes, in a romantic dinner at sunset, in a birthday party, in religious ceremonies, or for ritual purposes. Because of their scent, they are used in aromatherapy, and thanks to their aesthetic value they are appreciated as gifts.

On the wedding day, candles decorate the church altar, the ceremony table, the setting of the banquet and cannot miss on reception tables and after dinner parties either spread on tables or inside lanterns or floating on pools or flying inside sky lanterns. The size, color and quantity of candles are all up to personal inclination. No doubt, the best destination wedding would not be complete without the proper candles. The appeal of burning flames will touch the souls of your guests, candles are an essential part of the most important day of your lives and we will guide you among unlimited ideas to make a unique place even more special.

Find your inspiration among the following enchanting and ingenious ideas!

Tealights: wedding candles for a sophisticated atmosphere

Commonly spread out around the tables, tea-lights can give a more sophisticated touch if floating in a simple candle holder like a tall glass or in hurricane holders or in cylinder vases:

White Moroccan type lanterns are ideal for a refined Oriental style wedding

Tea lights can be used inside cans, paper lanterns, glass jars of different sizes:

Small tea lights vases may be round, square, hexagonal, colored, used in groupings of three or more, in varying heights and displays.

Imagine the same glass holders with candles lying on pebbles or petals, shells or seeds.  Sand, stones, leaves, colored jelly, or even nuts or cherries or lime are gorgeous ideas to decorate your tables.

Lanterns: outdoor wedding candles

Lanterns are nowadays becoming a must to decorate gardens, terraces, stairs, windows, and wells! They fit in nicely in a laid-back setting or a black-tie party.

For a more informal outdoor reception, hanging lanterns or vases or bottles or jars with a small tea light inside improve the mood while fitting into the atmosphere.

Jars with candles right on the grass are a brilliant touch to the night. And for a vintage-style wedding, the old cheese graters sure are an unexpected amazing touch!

Beautiful lotus flowers or heart tea light holders create a unique atmosphere.

Both in tall and short, large or small designs, candles can be mixed with flowers, greenery and ribbons, and more staff to decorate tables.

Floating candles are designed to float upright in the water, they catch the attention of guests who stare at them for a long time wondering why they don’t sink, funny!  These are most popular at outdoor weddings being used in pools or ponds but small candles can also float in large bowls along with flower petals.

Either if you want a sophisticated touch or a dramatic effect, traditional brass or silver candelabra with two or more candles add ambiance to your banquet table.

It is your Special Day and everything must be perfect! On a warm clear summer night for an outdoor event under the moon and a million stars, fairy lights on the trees can transform any venue into a glittery wonderland.

Wedding candles for a shabby chic wedding

Last but not least, do it yourself for a shabby chic wedding!  Paper boxes can turn into candle holders that glow when the candle is lit, paper can be of different colors and shapes. Easy enough anyone can do it, this is the right slogan! Raise the chic factor with the ultimate romantic accent, lines of pillar candles running along the center of the table with a scattering of flower petals, swirling ribbons, pearls, and also some jam jars containing tea lights. Look around, you will find real treasures in your homes.

Finally, candle favors are the perfect way to thank your guests for attending your Big Day!

Candle favors

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” Aaron Rose

Visit our Portfolio to see how tealights, lanterns, and tall candles are used in our favorite designs:

Do not hesitate to contact our event designers to create the perfect lighting decor for your wedding in Italy.



i am after a romantic Italian wedding……. summer 2014. Non catholic but in a pretty church, with somewhere very pretty to relax/party afterwards.

Many thanks

Hi there,
Are you able to recommend where I could buy eco lanterns in Italy? I need them by 7 September for my wedding.
Many thanks,

Hi Jolanta, congratulations for your wedding! I don’t know where you are getting married but I advise you to check if lanterns are allowed at your venue because not all venues allow them. Flying lanterns (and also eco lanterns) are available in toy stores, on and on other websites.

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