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Anthony and Janella, Catholic blessing in Florence

Anthony & Janella

Florence - Vincigliata Castle, August 28th 2018.


The simplest way to start is by saying – I’m not the easiest person to plan an event with. We were also one of those rare couples where I, the groom, was caught up on every detail – while Janella was very comfortable with any option we chose. This led to many conversations that left Martina scratching her head with my antics. Not only did she put up with my crazy ideas, she actually turned them into the most magical night of our lives! Absolute perfection.

We both have jobs that only allowed small windows of availability for planning, but Martina was always working around our unforgiving agenda. Some of our calls were even while stuck in traffic, with no prior notice. Every item was dealt with meticulously, and she always made sure we stayed on schedule. Like every couple, budget was certainly a hot topic of conversation – but Martina is very clear on what the atmosphere would be with, or without, the item in question.


Every couple also has different preferences, so Martina does a great job at being the expert – without just picking everything for you. Their vendors are all first class, and she describes the differences between all options available. She always takes the time to educate you on the intricacies, even though she is handling other weddings that Exclusive Italy Weddings is responsible for at the same time.


When we finally arrived in Italy, 3 days prior to the wedding, she was on top of our every move. We were able to enjoy the first 3 days with our families, rather than worry about the wedding. Not to mention we missed our rehearsal due to our own transportation issues! Instead of panicking, Martina did the rehearsal twice. Once with the wedding party who wasn’t held up by transportation – and again with everyone in the hotel lobby later that day. She recreated the venue’s landmarks from scratch, which allowed everyone to understand exactly where they should be.


I would absolutely recommend Exclusive Italy Weddings to anyone getting married in Italy – hopefully you’re lucky enough to get Martina as your planner.



Janella and Anthony

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